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Upcoming changes in Candy Crush Saga: Sugar Track, Build-a-bot, and more



  • lau_02lau_02 Posts: 165 Level 3

    Looking forward for Better changes...😊

  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

  • Bumper2019Bumper2019 Posts: 3,271 Level 5

    I think you're not far off the truth. Maybe that's what the reference to 'making space' was about...

    Oh the joy when they stop by!

  • LaurenD1LaurenD1 Posts: 7 Level 2

    Aid your complaint that you don't like people expressing their frustration about the changes to the game and you want us to just shut up and accept it or is your complaint that folks are calling for what it is -a blatant money grab (not to mention one being implemented at a time when folks are trying to honor the stay at home orders and are stressed about the fact that the whole world is currently in the midst of a crisis)

  • Albert_HeinrichAlbert_Heinrich Posts: 2,601 Level 4
    edited April 2020

    News flash from CCSN, not CNN

    In a bizarre twist to an earlier report by CCSN, players vehemently denied being partisan to the decisions as reported.

    Players expressed their concern for the total lack of empathy from the makers. Their concerns regarding the gargantuan changes, as expressed in their forum, fell on deaf ears.

    Some loyal players (4-7 years), have expressed their intention to leave the game they love so much, citing frustration, lack of concern and poor communication from the makers. A support group, CCS Anonymous, is considered, meeting every Wednesday for 45 levels.

    Some blamed the makers of being money grabbers and cited the lack of communication on the over 100 pages of comments, as showing scant regard to those who have been loyal supporters in excess of four years.

    Promises of exiting new changes is still eagerly awaited, and players queried the decision to change the popular BaB, stopping Rami and Reset, prior to implementing the new and improved CCS.

    CNN, oops CCSN signing out.

    PS Exciting new changes coming soon. Zzzzzzzzzz😴 👎

  • Charly-4Charly-4 Posts: 110 Level 3

    There is no point in playing if you can't collect sugar drops anymore for boosters. Nothing wrong with adding new features to the game but that doesn't mean the most popular one needs to be removed in the process. The backlash with timed booster prizes and then only being allowed to collect 5 sugar drops at a time should have been clue #1 that touching sugar drops in ANY capacity would be an epic fail on the part of Candy Crush and it is. It is an epic fail and a ploy for cash. End of.

  • Spieler_8675309Spieler_8675309 Posts: 4,117 Level 5


    They didn't listen when we complained about "the fix"...

    Yep, remember that little thread; perhaps this one is heading in that direction, but at least this hasn't gotten off the tracks yet...

  • niquecristoniquecristo Posts: 18 Level 2

    In other words, is more difficult to win levels and boosters hahahah

  • Mary-Lou_WeberMary-Lou_Weber Posts: 10 Level 2

    So disappointed. You will not be making anymore money off of me anymore, if something doesn't change. I used to play every single day of the week for several hours. Now I get through the new levels and then don't play again until the new levels come out...usually a span of 5 days without playing. No incentive to play levels when you get no chance at extra boosters. You have taken a great fun game and ruined it. I hope something changes and soon. Too many other choices to stick with this.

  • Brady_AllisonBrady_Allison Posts: 46 Level 2

    I can say it is nice to have more free time, now I only play like 20 min of candy crush a day instead of 40 min 2x a day

  • Ah_KwangAh_Kwang Posts: 214 Level 3

    Same here. Play for the few candies King is willing to release to us like daily spin and chocolate box. Never realised I could do so many things again. I used to play about 4hrs a day.

  • DiDagDiDag Posts: 27 Level 2

    Actually kind of an interesting story here...at a time when corporations are stepping up to see how they can make life a little easier during this difficult time, King, with a cover of "free lives," changes their game to force players to buy formerly free bonuses with the "temptation" of lives to tip the decision. I don't plan on biting. I never have paid. But I suspect those who can ill afford to are doing just that. Shame on them.

  • Mostafa1989Mostafa1989 Posts: 271 Level 3

    Ratified my dear friend to say that

  • Mostafa1989Mostafa1989 Posts: 271 Level 3
  • Mostafa1989Mostafa1989 Posts: 271 Level 3

    Where announcements and updates where opportunities to make attempts

  • DiDagDiDag Posts: 27 Level 2

    I think this is a kind of interesting human interest story. I plan to shop it to a few friends with media connections. It's one of those off the wall things that could have legs. Anyone else on here have media connections?

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