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💻📱📅 How many levels are in Candy Crush Saga? Information per platform (2020 & 2021)



  • Eddie_SparrowEddie_Sparrow Posts: 273 Level 3
  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

  • PounaweaPounawea Posts: 4,519 Community Manager

    Hello @Eddie_Sparrow ,

    How did it go? Did you manage to complete the 2nd episode as well? 🙂

    Let us know!

    Have a delicious day and happy crushing everyone!!

  • Eddie_SparrowEddie_Sparrow Posts: 273 Level 3

    @Pounawea no I could not complete the second episode. I got stuck on 6854 and it became too late in the night (I am in Europe) I could not stay awake.

    Today I am still stuck on 6854 because it is impossible to complete because the black blockers simply are not enough. I already spent a lot of boosters on it including a party booster and s ufo and I always come short of about 2 black blockers. How can we blow things that are not there?

    I think this level is faulty.

  • PounaweaPounawea Posts: 4,519 Community Manager

    Hi @Eddie_Sparrow ,

    I'm so sorry for that. Apologise for the issue with the Level 6854.

    In fact, I just announced in the forum that the level has now been tweaked and fixed!

    Hope you enjoy the rest of the new levels released yesterday Eddie. Let us know how it goes!


    To all Candy Crushers around the world, new levels have been released!!

    Since yesterday, April 29th, in Candy Crush Saga we have...😮  🥁🥁🥁Let's check it out the different Candy Crush Saga Levels per platform:

    • Facebook and mobile (Android, iOS and Amazon devices): 6875 Levels, 459 episodes
    • Win10: 6965 Levels, 463 episodes. *So close to reach the Level 7000 in the game!!!

    Keep you feedback coming!!

    Happy smashing everyone and, stay safe.

  • Eddie_SparrowEddie_Sparrow Posts: 273 Level 3

    Thanks. I see there are enough block blockers now. I will pass it eventually but it will take time because I also lost my bots on the process.

  • LuicLuic Posts: 41 Level 2
    edited April 2020

    Thank you for change level 6854, now its possible to pass with 20. Thanks again, I am happy

  • Peter_TornarosPeter_Tornaros Posts: 1,240 Level 4
    edited April 2020

    @Pounawea I have now completed the Windows 10 version new releases, I found 6923 the hardest, 6929 required thought to work out tactics to beat it . the most enjoyable level was 6935. Unfortunately 6940 was rubbish with the Oops factor wiping out my Build a Bot. It is obvious these oops levels are devised to do just that !!

    First the Sugar Track, now the Space Race (Dexter) is gone, leaving virtually nothing left for the higher level players to play while waiting for new levels to be released. The latest additions are useless for players at the highest level.

  • ScooterpieScooterpie Posts: 4,566 Level 5

    @Pounawea I have to agree with @Peter_Tornaros at least so far. I still have almost an episode to go. Level 6935 was a lot of fun. Trying to collect enough Bubblegum Pop was a challenge!

  • Eddie_SparrowEddie_Sparrow Posts: 273 Level 3
    edited May 2020

    Now I finished the second episode. All games in this episode were good except for 6854 that was bugged, with the result that instead of gaining a party booster that was promised at the end 30 episodes, I lost a party booster from my collection, in addition to a couple of UFO boosters, in the vain attempt to beat a level that simply could not be won.

    This coming after the sorry series of recent "improvements" from king that made the game increasingly difficult and increasingly less interesting to play.

    If that wasn't enough, we now also have the "new feature", that was again present in this episode, that consists of warning you during the game that after the episode is finished, you will get a "bonus episode", only to be told, after the episode is finished, that "you passed this episode, Episode Bonus is locked.", with no bonus episode in sight.

    I prefer to laugh about all this rather than lament.

  • Peter_TornarosPeter_Tornaros Posts: 1,240 Level 4

    @Eddie_Sparrow And after you finish the new episodes, with The Sugar Track and Space Race gone, you have nothing to play except a couple of inane or money grabbing options. At least I now have time to devote my time to other more productive web activities.

  • Eddie_SparrowEddie_Sparrow Posts: 273 Level 3

    @Peter_Tornaros yes. That's why Iin a way I am happy that they screw up their own game. Can do other things or play other games. Am also not going to do their 30 levels challenge anymore or, as you say, other money grabbing options. Time investment for what you get not worth, even when there are no bugs, which is far from guaranteed.

    CC as good as dead Enjoy your new life :)

  • Albert_HeinrichAlbert_Heinrich Posts: 2,601 Level 4

    @Eddie_Sparrow, @Peter_Tornaros, truth be told, all these supposedly "exiting" changes does not even come close to making up for loosing space race, sugar track and changes to BaB.

    As you mentioned, most of the new ones wants you to use boosters to gain boosters, what a waste. The sad thing is. There are the unsuspecting that will spend boosters / money, for what.

    Its a case of one step forward, three steps back.

    Money grabbing seems to be the name of the game.

  • Eddie_SparrowEddie_Sparrow Posts: 273 Level 3

    @Albert_Heinrich yes it's not good. On the other hand it's good because we will waste less time just playing game. The time I spent between levels just to gain a few boosters was too long. Now no more temptation, I am happy. And I am still able to pass levels in spite of all the restrictions. I just finished the last episode a couple days ago.

    After that I play the chocolate box about 10 to 20 minutes a day and go back to GS, but even there I limit myself to just 2 games a day, mostly.

    The rest of my free time I watch documentaries on you tube. They have many good ones in English and French. It's fun too and at least I learn something. For example did you know that Nietzsche never wrote what is attributed to him? His sister all made it up. It's fascinating. And yesterday I saw one about the Spanish flu. That was truly horrific. At least the corona virus can serve as a warning to be better prepared next time.

    Take care always and best of luck.

  • Peter_TornarosPeter_Tornaros Posts: 1,240 Level 4

    @Eddie_Sparrow I now only play the Chocolate Box and collect the Daily Treat. All the “exciting” new challengers are rubbish and as you said using boosters to win boosters.

    Instead of messing up the game, they should fix all the glitches in the game and on this site. For instance I can’t tag @Albert_Heinrich unless I do it this way ??

  • Eddie_SparrowEddie_Sparrow Posts: 273 Level 3
    edited May 2020

    A new tremendous amazing stunning new improvement! Now they reduced the bots to just the three first levels. Haha. They are very good at finding new ways to stop people playing :)

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