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Fish not working

DitteDitte Posts: 211 Level 3

So far this week with the new levels (soo much fun with the new BOT) I've had 2 levels where the fish didn't go for the jelly. First in 6968 where the fish didn't take the last jelly. Then in 6973 where again the fish went for empty squares (no jelly or candies where they went) instead of eating the last jelly. Maybe it's one of those exiting new features we hear so much about. This game really is turning into a joke!



  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 7,897 Game Expert

    Hello and welcome to this community

    Since I agree with you, since I have already noticed it. Nevertheless, I will pass it on for further information.

    @Crazy Cat Lad

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  • DitteDitte Posts: 211 Level 3

    Thanks. Happened again in 6973 and now also in 6977.

  • Spieler_8675309Spieler_8675309 Posts: 1,991 Legend

    And let's also tag a Kingster, for the Hell of it; so hello, @CandyCrushinator...

  • Spieler_8675309Spieler_8675309 Posts: 1,991 Legend
  • Freddy_FalknerFreddy_Falkner Posts: 19,177 Game Expert

    @CandyCrushinator latest update up to 6993 and every fish level up to here the fish have not done anything they are supposed to. All just seem to be going for random squares no matter whats on the board. Never seen the fish act like this.

    Why are small improvements making such a massive issue within the game

  • CandyCrushinatorCandyCrushinator Posts: 59 Kingster

    Hi @Freddy_Falkner I’m sorry that you aren’t seeing them work in a way that you’d expect.

    The changes that we have been working on are exactly because at higher levels some of the blockers were designed to hide jelly from the fish. That is the behavior that you're seeing, it's not the improvement causing an issue it's simply the behavior that was already there. Those decisions were made a while back before there was a clearer vision for how we would like the fish to behave was created. It takes time to get new blockers into the game as we start with a large amount and then refine and remove until only the most fun, interesting and balanced blockers go live for you all to enjoy.

    We have been making improvements to the fish to make them attack jelly under these blockers as we feel like they should always attack jelly. We also made the decision that fish should no longer hit color bombs unless there is jelly under them and there is no other jelly remaining on the board. This is because it’s upsetting that fish were ruining situations that we all worked hard to create and we want to make sure you can reap the rewards of those hard earned color bomb wrapped combos.

    We have to add support for the new blockers slowly because we have to make sure that when we add new support we don’t break existing support. These improvements are why you notice that the fish are working even more effectively in the earlier levels.

    We have several hundred blockers when you think about the fact that each one has multiple layers. We also have mechanics in levels like portals, conveyor belts, etc and when we make improvements we have to go back and make sure that we haven’t broken any of these situations. We are trying our best to improve the fish but of course we are making sure that we don’t break anything that already works while we are also working on new features at the same time so it’s a huge balancing act.

    That all being said, we are working on improvements, some of which are coming not in the next update but the one after that and we will start working on the next round soon so stay tuned.

  • Freddy_FalknerFreddy_Falkner Posts: 19,177 Game Expert

    @CandyCrushinator . Thanks for the reply, i have never had a problem with fish until this update and i am maxed out on levels for win 10. First time i have experienced the SF not doing as expected in 7 years of playing . I appreciate that things take time to sort out properly and respect the reply. plus did notice the last 8 levels i played they went back to working as normal, so not sure what could have been problem just seemed like first 2 episodes fish had a mind of there own.

  • LuLuCubbageLuLuCubbage Posts: 1 New Bee

    Seems those fish are the only thing they ever give me with that wheel. Why never the hand or the lollipop?

  • Freddy_FalknerFreddy_Falkner Posts: 19,177 Game Expert

    @LuLuCubbage timing helps and amount of turns before you press. won jackpot 6 times since new wheel and most other times either side of jackpot or hammer. Quite like new wheel better than last 1 jackpot in around 5 years

  • isumnerisumner Posts: 1 New Bee

    Hi can I just add that as someone lower down the levels I think this isnt exclusive to the new levels. I have been having problems with catching the pufflers everytime around level 200 as they are going for empty squares with no effect. Which when the only way to catch them was with fish. It makes it so infuriating because so many times I should have won and moved on but they just go to random places. This is game wide by the look of it so please review. Lockdown is frustrating enough without this 😉

  • DitteDitte Posts: 211 Level 3

    In 7123 again fish completely useless. They go for ordinary candies instead of bombs and blockers.

  • DitteDitte Posts: 211 Level 3

    Same problem in 7130. The fish avoid the blockers like the plague and just target ordinary candies.

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