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Upcoming changes in Candy Crush Saga: Sugar Track, Build-a-bot, and more



  • FluffBall
    FluffBall Posts: 203 Level 2

    You are a super hero for not playing anymore, I wish I had the willpower. However playing a lot less and I very, very rarely spend money only approx £10 since I started and currently at level 3400 and something. Just went to login to collect booster wheel & check level this morning and it says that to continue playing I have to agree to their new terms & conditions going to look at those however boring, might even be committing to spending money for all I know. I know not knowing what level I am on seems really stupid but having epilepsy has made my memory diabolical unless I make a real point of remembering something.

  • FluffBall
    FluffBall Posts: 203 Level 2

    Actually on level 3715 played it once this morning and lost interest so will stop playing very soon. Don't know if the statement "you can't create more than one account per platform to access our services" was previously in their terms & conditions but it would stop two members of a family playing on the same device so I have contacted them for confirmation, presumably that term could lose them money which would make it rather strange!

  • Von_3
    Von_3 Posts: 502 Level 3

    Good for you Dillard. I used to get up early and play for an hour every morning over breakfast and then again in the evening. It was hard to resist the lure of CC so I suppose the new owners have done us a favour by curing us of the addiction. I keep coming back here though as a substitute for playing and hoping, like you, for news of a change for the better.

    King\Activision are spending huge sums of money to advertise 'the crush' and the advert does look great and will tempt thousands to download it. Not many will find their way on to this site to read about the reality of the game but they will realise by themselves once they get past the easy early levels.

    I just hope they don't start buying masses of boosters to in order to get past sticky levels.

    King whoever will then rejoice as their coffers fill up and they get their bonuses.

    BUT unless they seriously improve the game it won't last.

  • FluffBall
    FluffBall Posts: 203 Level 2

    I hope that the advertising is a sign of hoards of players leaving and once the lockdown is over new players will leave as well unless the changes are reversed.

  • Von_3
    Von_3 Posts: 502 Level 3
    edited May 2020

    Now be fair Gary- the government has given us a lot more than King in these hard times and does often listen to us (at least in the UK).

  • Gary_Turner
    Gary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    I’m the same. I deleted the app last week but came back to see if anything had changed. Guess what? Its got worse. I gave a couple of levels a go. Ridiculous. The video shows some levels being done in half the moves without boosters, loads of cascades and loads of special candies. When you play the actual game, you attempt the level AT LEAST 20/30 times with hardly any cascades or special candies being formed. Its not frustrating but completely BORING.

    its impossible to do 3 levels in a row to get the full bot

    not all players play so your fantastic five is useless

    too many levels have blockers which you can’t see through, so you waste moves all the time.

    doesnt matter what you do in space dash they always put someone WELL in front of you

    its all about boosters. Spend all day to pass one level or spend money on boosters

    at least Dick Turpin wore a mask when he robbed you

  • nursiepooh
    nursiepooh Posts: 355 Level 3

    My updated version

    The color bomb now looks like the COBID 19 virus


  • Hamsika
    Hamsika Posts: 95 Level 2

    I used to like build a bot...

    Now it is like if we lose a level everything goes a waste

    I want a change that if we lose one level it goes only one change down and not all the way.

  • vshanmugam
    vshanmugam Posts: 40 Level 2

    Just curious if the super stars and legends are looking at what the players are typing or even they are down like the game.

  • mikefromwot
    mikefromwot Posts: 39 Level 2

    Has the ability to power up build a bot in previous levels been restored yet? I played CCS again after a month and a half away from it. I'm still on 6384. Played for 30 minutes and remembered how annoyingly frustrating this game is with no boosters, since the majority of later levels are 95% luck and 5% skill.

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