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  • AnantShah
    AnantShah Posts: 18 Level 2
    edited July 2020

    I have found 8 i hope I got all

    1.The tail of the goat which is on the wall of the bridge is different; one is more curvy than the other.

    2.The Caterpillar is crying in the second picture.

    3.The Martian's (robot) radio buttons are visible in the second picture.

    4.The Martian (robot)does not have a smile on his face in the first picture.

    5. The Bee's nose is missing.

    6. Bubblegum troll's [also known as the slug from the bean stalk climb] hair is missing.

    7.The horn of misty is different in color in the first picture.

    8.The creature next to misty(the hairy man) has its tongue out in the second picture.(I am so sorry ,I don't know his name).

  • Deryck
    Deryck Posts: 1,131 Level 5
    edited July 2020

    goat's tail cut off in 1st pic, bumblebee's nose missing in 1st pic, Bubblegum Troll's curl of hair atop his head missing in 1st pic, Allen the alien's smile missing in 1st pic, Allen's radio transmitter buttons on chest missing in 1st pic, caveman's stuck-out tongue missing in 1st pic, Misty the unicorn's rainbows on horn missing in 1st pic, caterpillar's single teardrop missing from eye in 1st pic

    8 things found. Can't get the hang of this spoiler tag; you sort my list.

  • saxx
    saxx Posts: 49 Level 2
    edited July 2020

    1 The tail of the goat

    2 The curl on the BubleGum Troll

    3 The smile in the martian

    4 The chest of the martian

    5 The barefooted's tongue

    6 The Misty's horn

    7 A tear in the caterpillar's face

    8 The nose of the bee

  • kristo8619
    kristo8619 Posts: 6 Level 2

    Unicorn horn

    Mouth under single eye

    Smaller red spot

  • aglover1985
    aglover1985 Posts: 16 Level 2

    necklace around alien

    unicorn horn color

    caterpillar has a tear on cheek

    sasquatch is sticking out tongue

  • Rodrigo_Silva
    Rodrigo_Silva Posts: 4 Newbie
  • ar5hi20
    ar5hi20 Posts: 2 Newbie
    1. Tail on goat
    2. smile on one eyed robot
    3. contols on one eyed robot
    4. colour of unicorns horn
    5. nose of bee
  • Evan_Lei
    Evan_Lei Posts: 295 Level 3

    I know that in the first picture, the two things missing is

    one is the robot's control panel in his body and

    two is a unicorn's rainbow horn on his head

    that went missing.

  • Aguascalientes
    Aguascalientes Posts: 12 Level 2

    La cola de la cabra ;. 2la sonrisa del marciano 3el juego que tiene en la mano el marciano 4el cuerno del unicornio 5y los chapetes de la abeja

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