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🖤 New Licorice in Candy Crush Saga: Licorice Curls & Licorice Fence!

Crazy Cat Lad
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Are you ready for more Licorice?

The Licorice Fence and the Licorice Curls are here and these two blockers are tough, so be prepared!

You are surely familiar with the Candy Fence and the Candy Curls already, that have been blocking the Candies on many levels for a while. These new Licorice blockers are similar to the fences and curls but are one step stronger, saltier and tougher. 

The Licorice Curls will appear from level 7551 and on and the Licorice Fence from level 7566. The levels will be available on Windows 10 on 5 August 2020 and on Facebook and all mobile devices on 19 August 2020.

Licorice Curls

The Licorice Curl with its maximum three layers can be cleared, one layer at the time just like the Candy Curls. Be aware though, you can only hit the nearest Licorice Curl first. Special Candies won’t work with reaching any Licorice Curls beyond, they will only hit one layer on the nearest curl.

You'll need to keep hitting it until all three layers are gone on the first Licorice Curl until you can remove the next one behind or under it. 

The Licorice Fence

The Licorice Fence is a wall between the Candies and will block the way between them. When the Candy Fence let’s special candies go through the wall, the special candies won't work with reaching beyond a Licorice fence. It will block the way completely and you'll simply need to go around it. Licorice fence cannot be removed or cleared either, it’s an infinite blocker on every level.

Were you able to crush the levels with the new Licorice blockers?

How tricky is the new Licorice?

Or, are you a Licorice fan it it was all a piece of cake?



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