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Upcoming changes in Candy Crush Saga: Sugar Track, Build-a-bot, and more



  • Gary_Turner
    Gary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    Problem is I haven’t any UFOs and hardly any other boosters due to having to use them all on recent levels. If you don’t have boosters it’s not an enjoyable game to play anymore. Think I’ll be quitting when all boosters are used up as I’m not spending money on most levels and I’m not wasting my time for 2 days to pass one level

  • FluffBall
    FluffBall Posts: 203 Level 2

    @Albert_Heinrich I took your advice and made the effort and entered the episode race and by some miracle won considering how long it took me to get through the episode I don't know how it happened. I now have the grand sum of 7 gold bars I will keep trying the episode race so I will have choice of playing on if I get very close to winning a level I have played 100 times. Someone in the weekly race I am in this week has passed 521 levels that's not as good as 600 UFOS but still seems near to impossible!

  • Albert_Heinrich
    Albert_Heinrich Posts: 2,608 Level 4

    @Gary_Turner, I've been saying that for the last couple of months, but i always seem to have enough for the next week.

    I made my first GB purchase yesterday. Lost all my Boosters on one of my handsets and spent 80 GB's

  • Gary_Turner
    Gary_Turner Posts: 281 Level 3

    Just went back into 7491. Now 32 moves. Got down to 2 jellies and spun wheel and got 15 extra moves. Only needed 3 to pass So in theory I needed 35 moves to pass, whereas I used a stack of boosters with 25 moves and got nowhere with over 20 attempts. Levels shouldn’t be released until fully checked out I’ve lost all these boosters for nothing plus how much out of pocket would I have been if I’d bought them Shocking from designers and the company

    wonder what next level will give same problems

  • Albert_Heinrich
    Albert_Heinrich Posts: 2,608 Level 4

    Hi @Gary_Turner, good to hear that it went well with 7491.

    I completed Levels 7491-7500, and the levels were tricky, but the Pre-game Boosters was my saving grace. Leaving the last 5 for daily race.

    I started with a full BaB and then my team completed the F5 challenge, so on top of that I had the CB for 1. 5 Hours and S&WC for 1 Hour.

    Was fortunate with 7491, it opened with a CB combo. It made it easier to complete. Also had 32 moves.

    Used boosters on 2 levels only.

    Hopefully you'll have the same luck as I.

  • Albert_Heinrich
    Albert_Heinrich Posts: 2,608 Level 4

    I have questions watching those online videos when players complete the level without boosters.

    In multiple videos I watched, they complete the level and at the end of the Level, all it says, wonderful, level completed, not "Wow, completed with your first try or you got sugar stars"

    My theory is they play and record multiple videos, until they struck gold and then posting that one video.

    There are exceptions when some acknowledge that you probably need to replay multiple times, but they are in the minority.

    I basically watch the video just to see the board layout and what to expect.

    Point in case, I completed Level 7501 using LH x 2 and FS x 2. This was not a graded level.

    Replying it 6 times without any boosters, yielded no luck.

    At this stage of the game you do not expect "Easy" levels, and my belief is that boosters are there to assist players with those stubborn levels.

    That is why games makes them available either for free or at a price. My concern is having to use multiple boosters in one level.

    When considering using boosters in a level, a player realises the difficulty of the level, so they deploy boosters.

    A scenario:

    You deploy a UFO, and use a LH, but you just cannot finish off the game with w moves left. You need just three more moves or use a FS. What do you do

    1. Take your chance on a free spin
    2. Use the FS
    3. End the game and restart.

    See next post for more

  • FluffBall
    FluffBall Posts: 203 Level 2

    I am at a lower level than you so it is possible to pass without boosters but not all the time, I often think if I videoed my multiple attempts at a level I could eventually show a video of myself passing the level without boosters and moves left over.

  • Albert_Heinrich
    Albert_Heinrich Posts: 2,608 Level 4
    edited August 2020

    Take a chance

    • You get lucky, but the free spin give you 2 moves only, another dilemma. End or use FS or LH.
    • You hit CB on free spin and level restarts.
    • You play 2 or 3 times using a LH or FS, no luck, next round and out of frustration you use UFO and 2 xLH

    Use FS

    • You already parted with boosters worth 25 GB's and chances are that you will need more boosters if the game restarts. Maybe another UFO at 20 GB's.
    • Using the FS or LH would be more economical, since it will only be extra 6 GB's

    Restart the level

    • You play multiple times using a booster in a few of them, then decide to use multiple boosters in one game to end your frustration. More costly
    • You play multiple times without any boosters, and get lucky on your 20th try

    This is my take, if I used more than one booster without luck, then I use a booster or two to complete.

    This is my pennies worth.

  • Albert_Heinrich
    Albert_Heinrich Posts: 2,608 Level 4

    @FluffBall, I fully agree with you. Even at the top it is possible, but there are so many combinations and unless you strike the right combinations, you will struggle.

    You could miss making a special candy and the you've had it.

    I start most my games with CB, S&WC and 3 extra lives from BaB. If you get the cinema at the start, and get a booster, it's even better.

    Sometimes the board layout is such, that all the special candies at startup is useless, due to blockers that has to be unlocked, etc.

    How are you doing in the episode race

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