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momosia Level 2


  • It's been over a month now and I cannot play Bubble witch saga 3. I did nothing different on the phone and the game will not go past level 1 when I restart. I have played this game for a few years and cannot get help. I have gotten responses but when I sent the information asked for, no one knows what I am talking about.…
  • This is how my page looks. No option for logging in with FB or Google. Momosia
  • I have tried everything. I have played this game for awhile and never had to save it. One day I opened the game and I was not at the level I was playing. It appears that I am not the only person having these issues. Momosia
  • I was sent an email that had required a translator. It was not for me so not sure why I got it. Also I have written several notes about my game not working. I really have not had my issue resolved. Momosia
  • I was sent someone's email that required a translator. It was not for me.
  • This was not me
  • I had a king account when I started but don't remember the password or anything else. I had it linked to my Google account but had logged in recently with my regular email. When I signed in where I exit the game, I do not have the option of FB or Google on the top line where my picture should be.

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