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What happened to all my saved lives?? I went to bed I had 85 saved lives woke up to only 6. What happened??? Did I sleep too long??Like · Reply · September 22 at 5:18pmCarolAnn ProvisieroCarolAnn Provisiero Been waiting 3 days for an answer. Also wrote to King.com.Anybody out there?!?!?!King.com - Play the Most Popular & Fun Games Online!Join millions of other players and enjoy the most popular and fun games online atKing.com. Enter the Kingdom and make new friends in our player community!KING.COMLike · Reply · Remove Preview · September 23 at 7:26pmLike · Reply · September 26 at 7:47pmCarolAnn Provisiero As you can see I posted this 4 days ago and still no answer not even from King themselves!! Still looking for my lost lives!!!!


  • RandleRandle Posts: 1,977

    Hey CarolAnn,

    You tagged Facebook, but lives and messages on Facebook (PC) are only valid as long as your session lasts, so I doubt you got 85 saved there.

    If this happened on a device then I´d recommend you to check whether the app updated overnight. If so, switch of the automatic updates and only update your game app when you have used them all. That part of the data can get overwritten when doing an update.   

  • Don't you just love useless answers. I've lost 80+ lives that I've also had for months, through numerous updates. On my mobile device. Lives aren't shared between devices, but they SHOULD NOT disappear!

  • Well... I had no problem with my 80 lives on my tablet and with manual updates...I do now. I am not happy... The reason I had so many lives is because I have alot of friends that like to play this game... Now it is not fun, it's like I am in Siberia with 5 plays a day.... I want my lives back please.......

  • I have had the same problem for 3months.  No one has given me any clear answers to follow.  A lot of players have spent a lot of money on this game.  I feel u made the game and should be able to fix this problem of not being able being able to receive lives as I can request them.  I am wondering if u have been hacked.  No more fun playing the games as I NEED TO HAVE EXTRA HELP.  NEVER HAD THIS PROBLEM BEFORE AND HAVE BEEN PLAYING THIS GAME SINCE IT CAME OUT
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