Delar King! What is the point by doing levels that are so extremely difficult as 753 at Candy Crush

Ewa_FhagerEwa_Fhager Posts: 18 Level 2

Soda. I have been on this level for serveral days and is never even close. Don't you think that you can loos players by making these levels. You have made a lot of fun, lately, in this game but when you are stuck in levels like 753 you can not get any fishes to gain the fishingcompetition or get any prices in challenges. I am soon giving up now


  • MarkHawkMarkHawk Posts: 4,066 Community Manager

    Hi Ewa,

    Indeed the levels in Candy Crush Soda Saga are increasing in challenge and level 753 can be tough to complete.

    Given the exceptional progress you have made through the game so far though, I'm sure that with the right blend of skill, strategy and a dash of luck you will be up to the challenge.

    In many cases you'll find great tutorials on YouTube on how to best complete a level: 

    Also I suggest you direct questions towards fellow players here on King Care, and I'm sure you'll get help if you are stuck.

    Patience and perseverance will be required to complete level 753 but the satisfaction of completing the challenge will be well worth it :-)

    Kind regards,

    - Mark, Team King Care

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