Gift fish don't work when used. All 3 candy crush games.why. they just tap the game and move on.

80 characters is a lot to use for a question.candy crush soda and you not see my question in the question field and e. It should be 80 fish don't do anything for me when I use them.why even give them.


  • CezdiamondCezdiamond Posts: 6,514 Community Manager

    Hi Kathy- Thanks for posting on King Care and for reporting this. We are currently investigating this. If you have any further information do let us know and we will be sure to pass this on to our studios. 


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  • bethfisher28bethfisher28 Posts: 2
    When I have fish in my soda bottles from rainbow rounds, they don't work. All the other boosters work but the fish don't double. Can you fix this please?!
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