Game not loading or frozen

sdsnagglesdsnaggle Posts: 1
I'm playing candy crush soda on level 1708.  There was an update so i ran update.  Now i cant get the game to load completely.  I see level 1708 but can't click it open.  Not loading any of the daily bonus stuff or anything else.   Playing on an android phone


  • ElsaElsa Posts: 19,405 Superstar
    Hi @sdsnaggle, where are you playing the game - Facebook?  The Kingdom?  There are a couple of glitches reported for Facebook not connecting and the sending/receiving of lives.  We are all waiting for Facebook to fix it from their end.  Can you play the game through the Kingdom instead?  Have you ever started an account with them?  First I am going to give you a link to do some troubleshooting.

    See if that gets you to the game.  You don't have to open a level so you just need the game coming up.  Click on the settings button and I'm going to show a print screen that I just created for someone playing Jelly but the login should be the same for Soda.  You are going to click on the pink button and then you will need to click on the King icon.  The box should pop up telling you to either create a Kingdom account or login with your Kingdom account.   Follow up on this and then get back to me because I need to know if you already had an account and if it was synced with Facebook.

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