(Competition Finished) How would you call the Bubblegum Troll? (Exclusive rewards at stake!)

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Hi everyone!

Today we have a very fancy contest coming your way. The bubblegum troll has been creating havoc for some time now and we think that, at this point, he deserves a name! Can you help us with it?

All you have to do is post below with the name you think suits him best!

Out of the options (that we Community Managers deem valid and that follow our Community Guidelines), the one that has more "Sweet!" will be the winner and will get to name the Troll for this Community!

On top of it, the winner will get 100 Gold Bars and an exclusive badge!

Can you help us name it and be the person that deserves the badge?

Wait though - there's more to it! The second post with the most "Sweet!" reactions will get 30 Gold Bars. We will also give 2 hours of unlimited lives to 2 other random participants!

Not bad, is it? :awesome:

That's all! Please come and drop the name you like and make sure you get more "Sweet!" reactions on your post than anyone else in order to claim one of the exclusive rewards!

Cheers and may the competition begin!

The contest will end next Monday 4 of February at 15.00 CET. The posts with more "Sweet!" will be the winners.
Contest Terms and Conditions can be found here.



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