Level 531 moves

sp0njasp0nja Posts: 2
Even though its not marked as a hard level i have been struggling with this level for several days while using boosters. When i checked for walkthrough videos, they all had 35 moves for this level while im getting 25 moves only.
Is that normal?


  • Joseph45Joseph45 Posts: 1,582 Legend
    Welcome to the amazing King community @sp0nja! The reason you are seeing less moves on the video than there actually are is because the video is probably out of date. Sometimes, King adjusts their levels over time to make them more challenging, or to make them easier. My best advice would be to try looking for the most recent video of the level to see if it takes into account the new change. I hope this helps you! 
  • Monique430Monique430 Posts: 4
      Posted Dec. 2018. 

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