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New feature - Mr Toffee's Fair!

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Hi everyone,

Let us introduce you to: Mr Toffee's Fair! From tomorrow on, you will start seeing this new feature in game. But, what is it about?

Mr Toffee’s Fair is a board game played in a team of 3!

It’s the new version of Quests – but even better, because

  • You win prizes faster
  • You get to work in a team, and all earn prizes together

How does it work?

  • You will be put in a team at random with two other players to complete a board together.
  • Each board has 16 tiles. Each tile is a task, which your team members complete one at a time.
  • Your team wins when together you complete a row or column of 4 tasks (no diagonals!) Then you all get a prize!

How to Play

  • Each player can tap on a tile to see a task before choosing it.
  • Once you successfully complete a task, the tile becomes a tick. Make a row or column of 4 ticks to win the board!
  • Players can only play one task at a time and can complete two tasks per day.
  • Don’t leave it too long! Boards expire within 14 days
  • When you finish the board, you will automatically get a new board with a new team.

What can I win?

Mr Toffee has a whole load of prizes to hand out! These include lollipop hammers, wrapped candies, color bombs, and so much more. Play to find out what you could win!

Remember, only team members who have completed at least one task on a board will get prizes. So go on, help out your team!

Here is a video that explains how the mechanics work:

If you have any feedback or question around it, don't be shy and comment below!



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