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aponiaponi Posts: 1
I've been trying to play Candy Crush Soda but the app on my Android is not loading and hasn't been all day. 

4th time within a month that I'm having problems.


  • mysticalmystymysticalmysty Posts: 8,033 Superstar
    Hi @aponi Welcome to our community, I’m sorry this thing happened to you, but have you try these steps : 1. Force close your app to leave it switched off for 10 second before you start turn back on. 2. Look for any updates on your game app and device. 3. Make sure you have sufficient memory ( at least 2GB ). 4. At last resort try to deleting and reinstalling your game.   *Keep in mind by doing so, you might loosing your boosters ( if any ), but still better than not able to play. Good luck 😊 and let us know the result.
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    @mysticalmysty, please keep an eye on the messages posted here in the Soda community because I found a couple of messages, besides this that is saying the game won't load.  I started a list for the community manager.

    @aponi, they are going to ask you to do some troubleshooting so please let us know if you tried the steps that @mysticalmysty wrote above and if you are still not able to get into the game.

    I just found a message where someone had the same issue and they had to uninstall the game and reinstall it again.  Unfortunately if you do that then you will lose whatever lives and boosters that you have if you are on a mobile device.  Here is the link and the choice is yours if you want to try it:

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    Please  take note that if you are playing your game on a mobile device all boosters and lives are saved to that device so that you can play the game when you are offline.  Please do not accumulate them because any updates, crashes or device changes can cause these items to be lost.
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  • mysticalmystymysticalmysty Posts: 8,033 Superstar
    I will, Thank you @Elsa ~ Happy Sunday :)
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