Tell us how you would like to celebrate our 5 years together!

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Hi everyone!

At the end of this year, Candy Crush Soda Saga will be 5 years old!! How incredible is that?

We are both humbled and excited about it, and we want to make sure this celebration is all about you! It's because of you all that we have been here for so long and our goal is to be 5 more years together. That is why we would love for you to take a second and give us feedback on what your favourite Character, Candy, In-game and pre-game Booster and Event was from the last years!

Please follow the links below for each of them and make sure you vote for each!

Based on your preferences, we will then come with a way of celebrating our 5 year anniversary together with you all! It will be something special and very fun. We are very looking forward to it!

Below you can also comment and drop any suggestions as to how you would like to celebrate this with us. All crazy ideas are welcome!

To make it even more spicy, 20 gold bars will be sent to 3 of you participating! You have until the 4th of April at 13.00 CET to participate.



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