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Tried to login to the game via Facebook (Chrome/Win 7 os)-- got a cannot Run Web GL error message please visit this page-- I went to the Web GL site-- let it run the scan but it wouldn't fix anything without my paying $40-- advertising trap in my opinion.  I see others are facing the same issue in community but no one is getting answers- just 'please join and you can get 'x' freebie.  I play Candy Crush Soda on laptop via Facebook and also on my phone (Samsung 9). Everything was fine until this morning on the laptop--- about to bail on the game entirely-- and I am in the 1900s for level... 

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  • Doodle121458Doodle121458 Posts: 4
    Hi-- Yes this was on my laptop--phone fine.  I did run the Advanced Systems program and it found items (of course) then wanted me to register it for 39.99 before it cleaned it- that's where I stopped.  I then came here to community and messaged.  After that the laptop version started working fine... *note to self-start with Community first :pleased: *  Thanks for your input and ideas-- have a blessed day.
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