Candy movement freezing

senorjeebasenorjeeba Posts: 3
I’m on level 2283, but since I hit level 2000 I’ve had about 3/4 levels that the candy freezes but not anything else.  I can quit the level, buy stuff, click on any option button just fine but the candy itself stops moving.  The worst part is it has always happened at times I was one or two moves from finishing the level.


  • QueenBQueenB Posts: 1,352 Community Moderator
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    Are you playing on mobile (Apple, Android) or through Facebook on a PC? Have you also tried any troubleshooting steps we have provided here

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  • senorjeebasenorjeeba Posts: 3
    Playing on an Apple IPad 2017.  Troubleshooting doesn’t apply to me as everything else works except for the movement of candy.  When I quit and reload it’s fine again but it’s frustrating when you’ve spent time on a level and finally look like you’re going to pass it and then you can’t make the last move.
  • senorjeebasenorjeeba Posts: 3
    But yes I checked and have none of those issues (memory, open apps etc) as I’m one of those one app open at a time people, 
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