Why can I no longer earn free boosters in Candy Crush Soda?

tlkacorbin12tlkacorbin12 Posts: 1
I have played CCSS for a long time. Then you stopped giving us free boosters and I get stuck on levels for weeks. I will not buy boosters. I'm about to quit playing out of frustration. HELP!


  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 1,417 Legend


     Where are you playing? Do you play on the PC or a mobile device? With a mobile device you get the daily booster. You also have the opportunity to vote in the area of ​​ideas. What is then implemented. Maybe that helps you on.

     Good luck.


  • raggedy4raggedy4 Posts: 4
    I also lost my boosters.  I have a similar question on here.  It was answered and I was told that boosters were not guaranteed...sometimes we could have them @nd sometimes not.
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