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New Feature: Kimmy's Arcade!



  • LadyRaffieLadyRaffie Posts: 1,498 Community Manager

    Hello everyone!

    Not everyone has it.. yet @mattbondy

     I'm afraid there is no time frame for when this feature will be available for all players yet and we have no control over how these groups are selected or chosen and we also do not have access to put this feature in your game so all we can do now, is wait.

    In the meantime, for all of you who has it, what do you think of it? I know some new changes were made, could you please let us know your thoughts ? We are always trying to improve to make the most enjoyable game possible!

    Have a Sodalicious day!🤗

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  • boxer6boxer6 Posts: 54 Level 3
  • YoscaYosca Posts: 1,567 Game Expert

    Maybe you can tell why you think it’s so great. I have given my feedback numerous times and am curious what others like so much. What do you think of the prizes now, do you miss something, how about your chances because now you can do 7 levels, before that it was 15. Do you miss the gold? (I do 😉) Tell us!

    And again I invite other players tell us what you think of Kimmy’s Arcade now. I know many players got the Arcade back. So those who were asking about when Kimmy’s get back after Easter, tell us what you think of Kimmy’s Arcade now and WHY!

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    Carpe Diem

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  • YoscaYosca Posts: 1,567 Game Expert
    edited May 29

    So once again I tell why I like Kimmy’s Arcade more now as before:

    1. We only have 7 levels now, so more opportunities to win more prizes
    2. The amount of the prizes are different; you can get 1 swiping hand and later in the same quest 3 or.... totally different
    3. No timed boosters anymore
    4. Hands and striped lollipops, now you get many of them!
    5. Each quest has different rewards, it’s never the same

    What would I change:

    1. Bring back gold bars as a reward, not in every quest but now and then
    2. I don’t need striped or wrapped candy and certainly not that many

    So in summary I say keep it for the most part the same! It’s better than before!

    🌟Every cloud has a silver lining🌟

    Carpe Diem

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  • mybis1mybis1 Posts: 4 New Bee

    Love playing but WHY take the best stuff away?

    you used to get timed prizes, extra life time & gold bars!

    i can’t gain life with bubblegum hill, now you take away the only chance of extra life with Kimmys arcade??

  • boxer6boxer6 Posts: 54 Level 3

    I think it’s a great addition to the game. Thanks

  • mattbondymattbondy Posts: 152 Level 3
    edited June 3
  • geminigirlygeminigirly Posts: 4 New Bee

    I love this feature! However, about 2 days ago it just disappeared out of the sudden and never came back. Does anyone know why this happened and how to solve it? Will it ever comeback? I really miss it!

  • Belindo_ToursBelindo_Tours Posts: 41 Level 2

    Same for me. No BGH and the last 2 days also no Kimmy's Arcade. I have to wait until Friday, when new levels will arrive, before I can play Soda.

  • YoscaYosca Posts: 1,567 Game Expert

    Sadly, after the app update my Kimmy’s Arcade disappeared 😢

    🌟Every cloud has a silver lining🌟

    Carpe Diem

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  • teresawallace44teresawallace44 Posts: 376 Level 4

    I love Kimmy’s arcade. I have it back now and really enjoy it.

    I was wondering if anyone has mastered it yet?


    Teresa 🦋🌺🦋

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  • Lynette_StruttLynette_Strutt Posts: 5 Level 2

    Mine disappeared after the update. No arcade no bubblegum hill

  • cpgraves51cpgraves51 Posts: 11 Level 2

    I wish mine would come back

  • CFYCFY Posts: 14 Level 2

    I also had Kimmy's Arcade in my game until the update last week, then it disappeared. Please bring back Kimmy's Arcade and please make it available to every player. It is - hands down - the best feature you have introduced to this game, and also I was often spending money on it, so... win-win!

    It was even better after the modification to make it seven levels instead of fifteen. I am waiting and hoping that one day it will be available to all players... Just like we all now have Batula's Chests or the Soda Teams. Please make Kimmy's Arcade available to every player, too!

    Oh and I also have another question: for those lucky enough to be selected for the test group for Kimmy's Arcade, at what level is it first introduced?... I ask because a friend just started playing the game for the first time, and he wants to know on which level could he encounter the Arcade for the first time. Maybe he gest lucky...

    Thank you for your support!

  • geminigirlygeminigirly Posts: 4 New Bee

    I'm thinking that maybe last week they changed the random group that gets the Arcade, since there are a lot of people saying that it disappeared from their game, and some people saying they got it back recently. Also, CFY said above that their Arcade had only 7 levels, as mine still had 15 (probably an older version?) until they took it out a few days ago.

    So it seems it's still in a very beta phase and it may take a long while for it to became available to all, especially considering that this post is from 8 months ago (probably when they started testing it).

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