(FINISHED) Sodalicious Trivia Quiz - Be an expert and win Gold Bars!

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Kimmy was talking to her Dad about Candy Crush Soda and he started quizzing her about the game... Kimmy thought she would ask all her Soda friends for help with the quiz so she could get all the answers correct.

Please help Kimmy and, out of those that help her out, 5 randomly selected people will receive 20 gold bars in your Candy Crush Soda game.  If no one or less than 5 people answer all 5 questions correctly the remaining winners will be selected from the people who got 4 answers correct. 

PLEASE NOTE: Only one entry per person and you must use the spoiler feature to post your answers or your entry will not count.  


1.   When was Candy Crush Soda released?
a.      25 Feb 2013
b.      5 Feb 2014
c.      20 Oct 2014
d.      14 Apr 2015

2.      Candy Crush Soda was the ________ game released by King.
a.      Fifth
b.      Seventh
c.     Tenth
d.     Twelfth

3.      Where is the Candy Crush Soda Studio located?
a.      Stockholm Sweden
b.      Rotterdam, NL
c.      London, England
d.      Barcelona, Spain

4.      How many episodes are there currently in the game (select the answer closest to the actual number)?
a.      Less than 150
b.      Less than 200
c.      Less than 225
d.      Less than 300

5.      What is not a task that is available in Mr. Toffee’s Fair?
a.      Pass a hard level
b.      Collect 120 Orange Candies

c.      Make 4 Color Bombs

d.      Match a Color Bomb with a Wrapped candy.

Answer below and help us help Kimmy out!

You have until the 14th of February 15:00 CET to participate.
Terms and Conditions are right here.



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