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candysodacrushercandysodacrusher Posts: 235 Level 3

wondering if anyone has ever had a problem with Mr. Toffee not recognizing when you have completed a tile. I had the pop the bubble level tile checked and completed said level, but it didn’t give me credit. Have had that happen before on the tiles that require a specific type of level to be completed and that is why I generally avoid those tiles.


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    Hello and welcome

    Please have a look: There is a big contribution to MR. Toffee. Please go there and post it. It should be in the discussion area.

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    Hello @candysodacrusher !!

    That's quite strange indeed. Could you send us a screenshot the next time this happens, please?

    Here you see how to take a screenshot and here how to send it to us. 

    Thanks a lot!!

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  • candysodacrushercandysodacrusher Posts: 235 Level 3


    As I generally avoid tiles that require the player to complete a specific type of level, It could be a very long time before it happens again.

    As for sending a screen shot, I would have to ask how that would help. If I took the screen shot of the Mr Toffee board, all you would see is that I had selected a tile. If I took the shot of the completed level, all you would see is that I had completed a level—and not the Mr. Toffee board. Not sure how that would be a help. Am I misunderstanding something?

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