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Update on the Bubblegum Hill



  • angelgirl
    angelgirl Posts: 34 Level 2

    Yes logged in and out, game updated... nothing.

    Moderators should not make promises that are untrue and then not explain what happened.

    It is unfair and discriminatory behaviour on the part of King.

    Shame on them.

  • angelgirl
    angelgirl Posts: 34 Level 2

    @Nix66 Perhaps you would like to point out where I may have violated any "house rules". It could simply be a matter of interpretation and certainly not intention. Remembering that it is not possible to ascertain tone in a message.

    I do however strongly believe that promises made should be promises kept.

    I am not the only one who excluded from receiving BGH and everything you have mentioned has been followed, but sadly to no avail.

  • angelgirl
    angelgirl Posts: 34 Level 2

    @Nix66 it was most certainly not my intention to be rude, it is merely frustration at feeling such excitement and hope at getting a very loved game back only to then feel let down.

    I know I speak for many when I say that it has been a very hard year we have all been through. I myself have lost 7 family members including my dad and maybe sometimes I may tend to be abrupt as I feel that getting to the point saves a lot of time. But it may be misinterpreted as being rude, but I am not a rude person... sad lately yes, but rude, definitely not my intention. So I apologise if it came across that way.

    I have the latest iPhone and I have an older iPad both have plenty of memory and are up to date with the software. As many of us are having the same issue I don't feel it is a hardware or software issue on my end as I have no problem receiving all the other games that come and go. I could be wrong through.

    My User ID: 5809262672


  • Iluvgames
    Iluvgames Posts: 128 Level 3
    edited December 2021

    @Nix66 Why should we “Have” to jump through so many friggin hoops to even get access to an event or BGH in the first place??? Geesh, that’s just crazy ridiculous and shouldn’t even be necessary!!! Just sayin……

    An updated version is a reasonable ask, but I haven’t had BGH in ages, a year maybe? I’ve lost track 🙄

    I only log in to CCSoda daily to get the booster. Game isn’t fun anymore and this bogus new version of BGH isn’t worth my time even “IF” I were to even get BGH which I haven’t gotten in ages 🙄

    Many have asked asked for the “Original Version” back and it apparently just falls on the deaf ears of “The Studio”……🤪🤪🤪 they’re useless!

    So tired of this “Studio’s” BS. We’re all just wasting our breath if you ask me……🙄😔


  • Iluvgames
    Iluvgames Posts: 128 Level 3

    This is what I was replying to…., “The hoops” so to speak. More than just updating and clearing cache.

    As far as the House rules go, I never even knew they existed and I just read them and don’t think I’ve violated them in any way.

    I just expressed my thoughts like everyone else which I would think is the definition of a conversation and purpose of this community forum.

  • simplyP
    simplyP Posts: 11,679 Level 5

    For those who didn’t get BGH, don’t feel bad. This version is far from the original. First, you get 100 energy, 50 energy to play. If you ran out, then it will take up to 10 hours to refill 🙄. Yes, that is right 10 hours for 2 tries. Second, there are 3 levels, 3rd level is almost impossible to pass without using boosters. Not just 1 booster. Multiple! Third, gold bars are always welcome, but it it seems less than before. Felt like I should get more waiting 🤷‍♂️ Only useful booster you get is just 1 little hammer. 1 hammer instead of 6.

    you are not missing much.

  • Gumyupawpaw
    Gumyupawpaw Posts: 1,473 Level 4

    Absolutely, apart from what you say about the little rewards, let me tell you, I have a few devices, only one device has BGH. When second set of BGH appeared ( today), there are 4 tiers, not that difficult, but still need boosters to complete. The rewards are the same. Therefore if you don’t have BGH, you haven’t miss much.

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