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New Feature! Soda Summer Vacation

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Hello Sodalicous people!

Are you ready for Summer? Kimmy is!!

Summer is just around the corner and Candy Crush Soda Saga wants to take you on an amazing summer vacation.

You’ll accompany Kimmy on her epic trip to Soda Summer Festival, wandering over the Candy Kingdom, sailing across the Lemonade Lake, hiking on Chocolate Mountains and crossing the Bubblegum Bridge! Juicy!!

How does it work?

Each week, your challenge will be to complete 4 different quests… to get 4 Sodalicious rewards! 

The quests will reward you with points that will fill up a progression bar. Once the progression bar is full, you will be able to claim the rewards-  and you will have a new target for the next bigger rewards! There are 7 stages in each quest, each one with a new higher target.

You can do more than one quest at a time, so get ready for some juicy rewards to freshen up your summer!!

Some of you can’t see it? 

Don't worry! If you do not see this special event in your game at this moment then rest assured it'll be coming your way soon in the future!

So now we would like to ask you: 

👉What do you think of the event? 

👉What do you think about the rewards? 

👉What do you think of the quests? Do you find them challenging enough? Is there any quest in particular or something specific that made you find it so challenging?

👉What quests did you do?

👉 Is there something you love especially about it? Or something you don't like at all?

👉How would you describe Soda Summer Vacation in a couple of words or a sentence?

Then comment below! We would love to hear it!

Have fun and remember... May the Community be with you! 🚀

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