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Troll's Party event

Pitty_KittyPitty_Kitty Posts: 1,358 Legend

So, I got this event now:

"Starting tomorrow, you'll have to complete 3 missions! The more you complete, the richer the rewards will be. Ends Sunday at midnight CEST "

I didn't find any info in the community, for now. Did someone else have it before?

And this might be a stupid question but do you think it's safe to play? I've been playing soda for quite some time but I never had events/minigames/promotions beside BGH a while ago. And it stole 79 goldbars from me when the feature disappeared after completion. Almost. The goldbars came back by themselves the next day, thankfully. Still, I'm not inclined to trust soda's side events, especially Troll's, 😅. What do you think?



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