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(FINISHED) 🧐 Who am I ? Guess and win Gold Bars!

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Hello Soda crushers!

Our Superstars @bearwithme and @Glenn1972 , and the fabulous Kimmy, have a challenge for all our Sodalicious players out there in the Candy Kingdom. They would like to see if you can match the pictures below with the correct comments each character has made.


1) “ Don't listen to that Candy Frog the Soda Professor! Don't tell me to open my eyes! My iced candies aren't melting! “

Who am I?  __________________________

2) “ How would I know everyone's secrets if I didn't read the messages-in-a-bottle that wash ashore? Send a message-in-a-bottle when you find your sister! I'll read it on its way past! “

Who am I?  __________________________

3) “ Cross the sugar desert by yourself? “ she says. “You don't even have whipped humps to sustain you! No one's ever crossed without extra sweets. You must be all sweetness inside.“

Who am I?  __________________________

4) “ Easy, kid. If you swim too fast, your fins will fall off! I guess you could say that we're Bowling! Get it!?“

Who am I?  __________________________

5)“Look at the sky! Isn't it spectacular? Fantastic? Wonderful!? The constellations are VERY friendly, some of my best friends are up there!“

Who am I?  __________________________


6) “ Excuse my honey drool! “ she says. “I've been sampling all the wild candies outside of the factory! I hope the factory re-opens! I prefer the cakes our boss always ordered for us workers “

Who am I?  __________________________

7) “ I sing, I act, I clean.., “ he says. “ Nothing I can't do really! Did you see me in Candy Knight? I swear it was my tail in the fight scene! “

Who am I?  __________________________

8) “Watch your step around the books, they might drag you in, “ she says. “ Once upon a time, there was a silly jelly fish and a very cheeky cat. “

Who am I?  __________________________

9) “ Why aren't there warnings? “ he says. “These trees are so delicious you can chew right through 'em! I chomped through more trees than we needed! Hope I don't get in trouble! Timber! “

Who am I?  __________________________

10) “ Welcome to our bzzzy forest, girl! “ she says. “I know everything that goes on in the woods. Tiffi hasn't been here, sorry.“

Who am I?  __________________________

11) “The postman was just here, he has a message for you, “ he says. “ When you find the postman, tell him I'm still waiting for my missing parts! “

Who am I?  __________________________

12) “It's hard to aim when the target is moving!” she says. “I come from a family of valentine bunnies. I have to train every day to keep up! “

Who am I?  __________________________

Please use the Spoiler feature and after each number (1-12) write the name of the character you think made the comments. 

If you need help...worry not! Just watch the attached slide show made by our @Elsa !

This Contest will run from today and end on Wednesday September 9th at 11:00 am CEST.

5 randomly chosen winners will receive 30 GB each.


Game terms and conditions can be found here.

Come on, let's guess and have fun together!



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