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Special Guide for Kimmy's Arcade

Sofia1992 Posts: 2,526 Level 5
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Hello my friends! Sofia the superstar is here and I have two questions for you before you start:

1)Do you have a new feature in CCSS which is called Kimmy's Arcade?

Yep, that Kimmy's Arcade! 👆️

2)Do you want to play it but actually you don't know how?

If the answer in these two questions is YES, then let me welcome you to my sweet guide about Kimmy's Arcade!

Attention please! Before to start, let me tell you that Kimmy's Arcade doesn't appear in all the players so if in case you don't have it yet, please be patient. It might appear in your game the next time!

What's exactly Kimmy's Arcade is?

Ok, let's get start on what actually Kimmy's Arcade is! Kimmy's Arcade is a very special brand feature in CCSS. The duration of this event might last until 28 days.

In this feature, you and Kimmy play in Arcade and all you have to do is to clear the 10 levels of it.

How? Just pick one of the three cards from the lowest screen of Arcade and spread the jam in your way! If you complete all the levels of Kimmy's Arcade, you will win boosters!

Where can I find Kimmy's Arcade?

First of all, before we start, we will see that icon which leads us in Kimmy's Arcade. See screenshot below:

When can I play Kimmy's Arcade?

After pressing the icon (check screenshot above), this screen will appear:

When you enter Kimmy's Arcade for first time or if you login in every day in your game, you can play that feature for free. But if you want to play it again, then you will have two options. Pay 4 gold bars in order to play it immediately or wait 12 hours.

In the past, you should wait one whole day (24 hours), in order to play Kimmy's Arcade but thanks goodness, CCSS Team reduced the time of waiting.

How to play Kimmy's Arcade?

Easy! The gameplay of Kimmy's Arcade is very easy like piece of cake. All you have to do in the 10 levels of this Arcade is to spread the Jam. Nope, you will not be able to match candies like in CCSS original levels but in Kimmy's Arcade, you have to choose one of those cards (you will find those cards in the lowest screen of Kimmy's Arcade.)

Every card includes a pair of boosters and those boosters have jam on them. These boosters will help you to spread the jam in every level of Kimmy's Arcade (and don't forget to mention that every time you enter in that Arcade, the boosters on those cards are random. With few words, you will never get the same card when you play Kimmy's Arcade every time).

I see some numbers like x2, x3, x5 etc below on those cards. What does they mean?

These numbers shows how many times you can use a certain pair of boosters in a certain level. For example, if you see number x2 , then you can use that pair of boosters only two times. If you see number x3, then three times etc.

With that detail, it shows that boosters in that feature are limited so be careful which one you will choose cause if you don't choose the right one, then you will not be able to spread all the jam in that level, so it's game over (unless if you use gold bars.)

What about the rewards of Kimmy's Arcade?

The rewards right! As we know, yep, you can win rewards in Kimmy's Arcade.

According to @Yosca 's helpful tip, you can claim the rewards what you have won before you’ve finished all levels! If you see you won’t be able to win the next round and you don’t want to spend gold bars for continuing, you can decide to stop and collect what you have won. It’s simple, you click on the blue present, in the upper right corner, and you choose to stop and collect.

But if you continue and if in case you fail, then you will lose all those rewards unless if you spend four gold bars. If you spend four gold bars when you failed in a level in Kimmy's Arcade, you will get a pair of infinity boosters so to help you to complete that level and continue to keep your rewards for the next level (check screenshot below)

Every level of this Arcade when you complete it, gives you many and different rewards which are boosters (from color bombs until striped lollipops) and trust me! Kimmy's Arcade pays you very well if you manage to complete it all. The rewards every time when you enter in this feature are random so you will not always win the same boosters.

Blockers in Kimmy's Arcade? How can I destroy them?

While everything seems very easy task, trust me, it's not! Why? Because after second level of Kimmy's Arcade, cupcake blockers start to appear. If you wonder about these blockers, then take a look below how they look alike:

Cupcake Blockers are the only blockers which make their appearance in Kimmy's Arcade. Like Spread the Jam levels in all Candy Crush Games, you need to destroy those blockers in order to spread the jam, in whole board.

As you continue to make progress in Kimmy's Arcade, more of those annoying blockers appear in the next levels and look! Some of them, have from two until five whole layers and it's hard to destroy them with first try plus they block your way and you can't spread the Jam and it's bad if you think that you have limited boosters in your hands.

In order to destroy them fast, you need to use a powerful pair of boosters like Color bomb and coloring candy which can take off one layer of all cupcakes and a pair of coloring candies which can strip all types of cupcakes (I would suggested those powerful boosters to keep them in the last levels of Arcade and actually from level 5 and after). In the earlier levels, use whichever pair of boosters you like but in the last levels, save the powerful ones please!~



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