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How much do you know about...?



  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 6,407 Level 5
    edited October 2020

    @hechicerilla @LoveDachs @Nck Thank you to all 3 of you, for taking the time out of your day to write something about me. I appreciate all your kind words😊 it’s interesting because it’s from 3 different people who I have got to know. I’m glad all of you allowed me to get to know you. Always stay blessed and happy and stay true to yourselves πŸ’œ

  • Sweetice
    Sweetice Posts: 2,464 Level 4
    edited October 2020 its my turn to be speechless!!! Absolutely lovely and amazing and true!! I agree with all you said!

    @Trish24 is an awesome, funny, sweet, helpful, amazing, wonderful, beautiful, thoughtful, kind, lovely, and great girl!!~ I really really really like her and the way she along with everyone!!...Well I don't she was a doctor actually, but I can say that she is a Doctor inside!....And the amazing thing is that....she has most similar qualities with @Nck which is also our funny buddy...

    I am not kidding or bla bla, but seriously you guys share very similar qualities! And I would describe both of u with same words....Really Wonderful peoples!!!😊 So glad to have you two and you both rock it!!πŸ’ͺ❀Thanks!πŸ₯‚

    Now lets turn to @Breee...who knows her well and can tell??

  • Nck
    Nck Posts: 5,283 Level 4

    @Sweetice tx's your awesome πŸ‘πŸ’œ

  • [Deleted User]
    [Deleted User] Posts: 6,407 Level 5

    @Sweetice Thank you!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ€—πŸ’•

  • LoveDachs
    LoveDachs Posts: 28,157 Level 5

    Hi everybody,

    I am so glad that I didn't miss this about @Breee β™₯οΈπŸ’—β™₯️

    I have only known Breee since June, we met when I stumbled into the "Funny Gifs and Memes" thread. Immediately I knew that we were two peas in a pod or better yet two nuts in an Almond Joy.... you get the picture, and she said that also. We have both told one another that we know we are not normal...and plan to never grow old, or at the very least... grow up. LMAO Hmmm...let me see what I can tell about her and not get into trouble.πŸ˜‚..ha ha...

    She lives in Ohio, I live in Maryland, but have family and friends in Ohio, if you observe the speed limit and only take one rest stop 😬, it'll take 6-7 hours to drive it. One of these days I hope to do that to meet her.πŸ™‚ I call breee the "Queen of Hilarious" πŸ˜…πŸ€£ and if you have ever seen any of her posts, you would agree. Besides her sense of humor, she is one of the friendliest, kindest, warmest and funniest ( did I say that already) person that you'd ever hope to meet and would go out of her way to help you. She loves her family very much and even though she might be here alot, she never neglects her family or obligations. She absolutely adores her Granddaughter and has her with her several times a week.

    I know she really misses her work and had to retire early due to an injury... but she doesn't let anything get her down and keeps extremely busy. I applaud her for that. She has been and is a wonderful friend to me, in ways you wouldn't believe and I hope and pray she always will be. She has cared when she has her own we all do...and has given me support and encouragement...and the strength to do what I have to do. She is an inspiration to me and I really do wish we could meet someday as we have alot in common and appreciate the finer things in the male form...😏 and I know if we went out for the night we would have a blast. Breee is a dog person πŸ• and I am a cat person πŸ…, but I don't hold that against She is so much fun to be around and she can't help but lift your spirits.πŸ˜„ So if you're feeling sad or down, stop in to FG&M'S for a good time with the gang!

    Love you ❀️❀️❀️ and thank you for being a friend.

  • Sweetice
    Sweetice Posts: 2,464 Level 4

    Wow @LoveDachs you really said all the true. Honestly, I don't know much about @Breee, what I know in few was that, she was one of the peoples who greeted me and helped me a LOT when I first joined the community. AndΒ  more than anything, she is sooooooooooooo funny which really makes feel better in times of bad.

    So helpful woman!! I remember one time when I joined this community, I was so confused about posting gifs and such staffs. Then I asked her for help, she told me and I tried and it didn't work, then I told her and I tied several times but still didn't work. At last I told her to give up and forget it cause I given up and told her that she must to. Amazingly, she didn't give up, what I saw first was her message tryna to tell me different ways to try again and again. I did, and at last I realized that the problem was with me, I didn't do as she told me at first. She told me all the steps clearly and how to do it, but when I do it I have scape one of the steps which made it not work. But when I do as she told me with every step, it finally worked and I was so grateful!(This is not the only time she helped me, I just mentioned this cause it thought me a lesson. I hope she wont forget this one too.)Breee is an amazing woman who never gives up. She always treats everyone kindly and in lovely ways.

    Thank you so much dear @Breee and we all love you!!❀❀❀🌹

    Let's see who will now tell us about our dear friend @Glenn1972 ......??

  • ElenaVorona
    ElenaVorona Posts: 1,580 Level 3

    A very interesting topic!

    I am reading.

    Please continue.

  • ElenaVorona
    ElenaVorona Posts: 1,580 Level 3

    Unfortunately, I hardly know anyone.

    I personally spoke only with a few members of the forum.

    But I'm interested in learning about the forum participants.

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