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Hello Soda Crushers!

You’ve all seen the new Kimmy in your games or in the Community: she’s growing as the game grows and evolves, and it was time for a new look- in 3D!

Behind the scenes

Wanna know more about how and why these changes?

🎤Let’s give the mic to one of the Kingsters from the amazing Soda Studio who have made it possible:

“When we first began investigating a new design for Kimmy, something that quickly became obvious to us was that our main protagonist of Soda didn't make much of an impression with our players. In fact, most people didn't recognize ever having seen her before, even fewer knew she had a name! We wanted to change all that, both visually and thematically, make her the hero she actually is. We truly believe that in her new and improved 3D form, we'll at long last be able to do her justice! In the adventures that await you all in our Sodalicious not-so-far-away future, we hope you'll finally get to know and love the real Kimmy, for her fiery personality, her resourcefulness and wit!

Isn’t it exciting? And now, it’s your turn: please share your thoughts and feelings with us, Soda Crushers!

👉 Are you ready to get to know our Kimmy better? 

👉 Excited about her new adventures?

👉 Up for this not-so-far-future that awaits us in Candy Crush Soda?

The Soda Studio is listening! Help us make the game even sweeter!

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