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⛄️ Welcome to our Winter Soda Games! 🏂

LadyRaffie Posts: 4,126 Community Manager
edited December 2020 in Contests
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Hello Sodalicious Community crew!

Winter is here, and so is our new Soda Community challenge: The Soda Winter Games! 
Are you ready for some fun in form of teams? 🏋🏻🤾🏼‍♀️🤸🏽‍♂️
Of course, the Olympic mood stills on we want to honor the famous values we all love and share in the Community 
💫 Determination

But first, it’s time to choose a team for the competitions, which will start on the 16th of December
Here are the TEAM RULES:
  • Every member of the team needs to have a community account  (Sign up  in 2 seconds!) and play Candy Crush Soda
  • To create a team, comment with the names of all participants of the team and the team name (after having discussed it among you of course)
  • Teams have to have 2-3 players
  • Each team must choose a unique team name
  • Each team has to choose a spokesperson who will sum up the team's scores at least once a week
  • Each player can be only in 1 team
  • Every member of the team must participate at least once in the challenges 
  • For those who participated in the previous Soda Games, you can use the same teams, as long as all participants agree ( just confirm it to us here below) 
You have time until the 15th of October, 13.00 CEST, to form your team
Are you ready for some weeks of fair competition? 

Hurry up and find your team👇️, 

and let the fun start! 



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