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no access to newest bonus games

MoniqueBulovs Posts: 8 Level 2

Good morning and Happy New Year everyone.

Can you please tell me why I DO NOT have the newest Soda game, the one where you play against an opponent. I only have the Buublegum game, and the Noble Path but not the newest game. However, at least 20 of my friends have that new game for the last few days.

I'm missing out on bonuses, rewards, etc. This happens often to where I won't get access to the bonus levels til almost the very 1 or 2 days, 2hile all my friends have them for days from day 1. I have update already.

Its frustrating, cause I'm a hard core fan and player of all candy crush games crush games especially Soda, but don't get the chance to win prizes from the side level game.

Thank you so much, Monique

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