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I want more features and events!

ktbui84ktbui84 Posts: 15 Level 2
edited February 9 in Discussions

Omg this is boring , I have nothing no Kimmy arcade no bubble gum hill nothing nothing , I’m so mad like all week nothing , this game has become so boring I’m about to delete and not bother playing like all week nothing and weekend nothing , boring game so disappointed in this game


  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 16,393 Ambassador

    Hello and welcome to our friendly community

    I'm so sorry. Did you check your device for an update and clear the cache? Unfortunately, not all players get events because the players are chosen at random. There's a post about teams above. Do you have a soda team? If not, please sign up there.

    Good luck

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  • ipeteipete Posts: 2,249 Level 5

    @ktbui84 No, don’t delete the game yet. Wait a few months. I’m sure those favorite features will return someday.

    No Complaint Today

    I thought all is good 🙄😪

    Please bring back BGH v1.0

    It takes 50 ⚡️energy to play BGH for 1 freaking hammer. WTF (Funk 😉)

  • LadyRaffieLadyRaffie Posts: 2,508 Community Manager

    Hello @ktbui84 !

    Just reiterate what our dear @ipete says, there are features and events coming to your game in no time!

    Like actually tomorrow we will get a super cool event to celebrate Valentine's along with side features so bear with us 🤗

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  • Origins7_DaleOrigins7_Dale Posts: 2,370 Soda Moderator

    Hi @ktbui84 @Spinnifix @ipete @LadyRaffie,

    Hello group. If you go to my recent post below. I explain how to possibly get these *Bonus Features, *Mini / Side Games, into your *Device / Game. Along with other things.

    So take a look, it should be helpful.

    Thx For Posting & Welcome To The King Community - Origins7 Dale, 😀


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