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MargaretdempsterMargaretdempster Posts: 9 Level 2

This is my second moan about the new BGH. It is awful, how on earth did King games think this was good? There are no words.


  • SpinnifixSpinnifix Posts: 17,001 Ambassador

    Hello and welcome to our friendly community

    I'm sorry you don't like it. Do you have any suggestions or ideas on how it could be improved? That could help !! thanks

    @Yosca @Origins7_Dale @Nix66

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  • MargaretdempsterMargaretdempster Posts: 9 Level 2

    Keep it much the same as before. 5 levels and a nice wee gift at the end. Definitely get rid using the gold bars for more energy.

  • Nix66Nix66 Posts: 11,627 Soda Moderator

    Hi @Margaretdempster and @Spinnifix 👋

    There already exits a main thread for the topic of Bubblegum Hill so I will be closing this but feel free to post in the main thread here ⤵️


    Info on the NEW Event Springtime Mystery 🏆 HERE 

    Info on the NEW Feature Champions Streak 🏆 HERE

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  • Origins7_DaleOrigins7_Dale Posts: 2,509 Soda Moderator

    Hi @Nix66, @Spinnifix @LadyRaffie,

    Believe our @Margaretdempster has posted on (BGH) before, along with me giving the *Main Thread also on it.

    Would be listed at:

    • Threads to be moved - Page 10 — King Community

    Yup, it is my *2nd post from top of *Page 10, listed above for you. So a *Duplicate here also.

    Cyas Origins7 Dale, 😀


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