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Yosca Posts: 15,600 Soda Moderator
edited June 2021 in Contests

Are you ready for a new Challenge?💪🏻 Do you recognize this? 

👉 You are playing Soda and the next level is a chocolate 🍫 or bubblegum 🍬 level. Yikes! 😱 

You are struggling to finish the level and when you pass it you have a super low score 🚼. That sticky bubblegum wasn’t easy to beat. 

Most of the time in a competition it is about getting above a score ⬆️ But you know what, this time it's about getting a lower score ⬇️‼️ Easy peasy right? Show what you can do and score lower than me 👇🏻 :


Replay level 166 and score lower than 37,700❗️Your screenshot should show that you have completed the level by "Next" and no edits except marking up your name are allowed on your screenshot. You can post more than one screenshot.


From May 25th until June 7th 17.00 CEST 


50 Gold Bars for the winner with the lowest score

25 Gold Bars for 4 randomly chosen players with a lower score than 37,700

Participants with a lower score than 37,700 will receive this bubblegum troll badge, designed by @ bearwithme, in their profile.

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