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Why has the episode race and Mr Toffees Fair disappeared from my game?



  • pamiwami
    pamiwami Posts: 18 Level 2

    @Yosca my latest update was on 5/26/2021 🤷‍♀️ about the same time the Episode Race & Mr. Toffee's fair "disappeared ". 😄

    In all fairness & on a positive note..I do enjoy the "challenge" of "The Noble Path". 😉👍 wait....maybe I should not have said that will disappear as well , of course they do "warn you" that you only have a few days left to complete it. 🤔😅

  • Yosca
    Yosca Posts: 14,896 Soda Moderator

    I know @pamiwami I got some left over from the Noble path (don’t know from when that was because I haven’t got it a long time) 🤷‍♀️ And have nothing on my map, except Teams and Kimmy’s Arcade.. Well we still have to wait until Monday, so hopefully the Studio is checking the Community too

  • metalmaria
    metalmaria Posts: 24 Level 2

    I hope they arent gone for good cause how else you supposed to win gold bars?

  • lulu1234
    lulu1234 Posts: 5 Level 2

    I've lost Mr Toffee and soda race!

  • lulu1234
    lulu1234 Posts: 5 Level 2

    Where is soda race and Mr Toffee?

  • Yosca
    Yosca Posts: 14,896 Soda Moderator

    Hello and welcome to the Community @lulu1234 Sorry you’ve lost them too (so did I). As I said we don’t know what happened and have to wait until Monday for any news.

  • tininha1975
    tininha1975 Posts: 1,576 Level 4

    if the problem is with the update, I think it will only solve the problem when a new update comes, so I hope, because if those two events disappear from the game, it will be very difficult to play. How are we going to win gold bars without running the episode? And how to win boosters and unlimited life, without Mr. Toffee's fair? In other words, it will be very boring to play.

  • ShaqKnox
    ShaqKnox Posts: 7 Level 2

    I believe this started happening as a result of their latest update (from the App stores) to the game, because I also have it installed on my other/second android phone, that I haven't updated, and everything is fine there... that's why, IMhO, I don't think there's anything players can do (e.g. clear cache, etc.).

    ~ ShaqKnox

  • belleabu
    belleabu Posts: 27 Level 2

    Same here. I had the race earlier today. When I played a few hours later it was gone.

    level 6613 and have logged out and back in.

    no way I’m deleting, earned to many boosters and gold. And purchased (yes I’m fully addicted) lol

    The Race is one of the best features!

    will definitely come back for any updates after the weekend

  • tmwallace
    tmwallace Posts: 76 Pro Player 👑

    I don’t have the episode race either..

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