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*Find The Turtle! *Gold Bars & Badges To Be Won! - *FINISHED!

Origins7_Dale Posts: 3,551 Pro Player 👑
edited July 2021 in Contests

*Welcome to the Contest on:

  • Find The Turtle!

We are going to help you find her. *Sprinkleshell The Turtleis a she, I have been told. So the first thing to do, is go to:

  • *The Sprinkleshell Advantage! 
  • *The Sprinkleshell Levels! 

Once you read the above, come back here for the rest of it. 

🔸 *How To Play! 

Post 3 Screenshot Scores from any of the Sprinkleshell Levels listed above. Add those 3 Scores together to get your total score. 

You get 3 Posts, which consist of 3 Screenshots on Sprinkleshell Levels. Only your *Highest Score will be counted! So be sure to give the *Page Numbers you posted at. 

Can replay the same Sprinkleshell Level if you like, or 3 different ones. Each Screenshot of your score must be different, from the other ones. 

So you get a total of:

  • 3 Posts Only!
  • Each Post has 3 Sprinkleshell Level Scores, that must be different, or no using the same screenshot or score, on another entry!
  • Each Post has the total score added up from the 3 Levels you did or 3 Scores from the same level if you like. 
  • Must Post 3 Individual Total Scores, at a time. So you have 3 posts, with 3 Screenshots, giving you a total of 9 Screenshot Scores. Add those 3 Scores together, to count for your entry, do this 2x more, & you are done. Be sure to include *Page Number you posted at, on all 3 posted screenshots! Include a *Tag to me also!
  • Only the total added *Highest Score, from your 3 post, will count in contest!
  • If you are not yet at *Sprinkleshell Level 451, then need *1 More Screenshot from you, showing the *Soda Map Level you are on. Can then play any 9 Levels back from it. Or play same Level if you like. The same rules apply as listed above. So your 3 posts, will have 4 Screenshots each!

*For our *Newbies: *Always read *Page 1 First, on the forum, thread, discussion, contest, etc... you are on. It is the "Key" on posting. Tells you what it is about. Along on what to do. About 90% of your questions will be answered here. This includes reading *Terms & Conditions for the contest! 

🔸 *Rules!

  • There will be *No Manipulation of the posted screenshot! Play offline, if you feel you must protect or hide *High Scores! Unnecessary to do so. Since that is the purpose of a *High Scoring List, to show what you did in the game! Clearly if player didn't want their score or name shown, either wouldn't play, or play offline!
  • *Note: The *Piggy Bank has been redesigned, so will drop *Gold Bars into it. So wait, till the game loads everything, meaning *No Movement, then *Screenshot Please! Otherwise, something might get covered or blocked. Thx. 
  • If by chance a *Tie occurs, a *Tiebreak Playoff will be done at end of contest. Details to be given then!

🔸 *When!

From *Mon. June 7th, 2021 (1pm CEST), Until *Mon. June 21st, 2021 (1pm CEST)!

🔸 *Prizes

  • 50 Gold Bars For Top 3 High Scores!
  • 3 Badges For The Top 3 High Scores!

*Badges Done By CCS Candy Moderator @bearwithme!

These are the first *Sprinkleshell Badges ever done, showing *Sprinkleshell in her shell, so many thx to @bearwithme!

Want to participate? Sign up here in 2 seconds!

Find Terms and Conditions here!

Can I get @Diamond Lim / Ruby @PrettyBubbles / Kim @Nix66 / Nicole @Yosca to *Tag our players, for this contest. Thx ladies. ❤️

Your Soda Community Manager is CM @LadyRaffie!

Your Soda Moderators are @Yosca @Nix66 & Myself / @Origins7_Dale!

Enjoy The Contest - Origins7 Dale, 😀




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