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Vote for your favourite! Bubblegum Hill vs Bear Brawl

LadyRaffieLadyRaffie Posts: 2,993 Community Manager

Hello Sodalicious people!

We want to ask you which event do you prefer seeing in your game

Is it Bubblegum Hill? Or do you prefer Bear Brawl?

Vote and comment on what team you are in!

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Vote for your favourite! Bubblegum Hill vs Bear Brawl 116 votes

Bubblegum Hill
ElsaBricornGlenn1972Yorben_Goereemmurray7707Yoscadeb0407NamTruong2001mel155tininha1975ipeteSswweettootthhjatlogsiti_payungdelfinelaleyPitty_KittyOrigins7_DaletheressamooreMamaof4 80 votes
Bear Brawl
Beth_Mc_Hughaautz1DieOmimime6412Nix66MrBen97BubbaSanfordBlkbeautinguyenanhduy1591999bekicrusherPrecious0914deb424starlighters101abdallhalimattyDmatilda1212EmHaganhenrooLDLockeyberry1072 36 votes

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