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I want to make a team. What is the way for it?

jony1984jony1984 Posts: 1 Newbie

I want to make a team. What is the way for it?


  • DieOmimiDieOmimi Posts: 13,644 Friends Moderator

    Hi @jony1984 Welcome to our sweet and helpful community.

    To form or join a team, you can find all the important information here: 

    Find a Team | Find a member for your Team! — King Community

    Competition and badges:

    🔊 Math fun with Yeti, Tiffi and Rachel 🔊

    🍭 Get the LIMBO badge 🏅

    🚀 Badget - Event 🛸 (German Corner - Ends on August 6, 2021)

    🧹 New competition 🗾 (German Corner)

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  • Nix66Nix66 Posts: 14,385 Soda Moderator

    Hi @jony1984 and welcome to our helpful and Sodalicious Community!

    In order to create or join a Soda Squad Team you must first have the Teams icon on your Soda Game Map that looks like this ⤵️

    If you do not have the Teams icon you may join the waiting list to receive Teams here ⤵️


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