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Why are you making these games so addictive?

FedUGrumpyOneFedUGrumpyOne Posts: 4 Newbie

I have come to the conclusion that you want these games to get players to get addicted to them. You want people to keep spending money so they can keep playing. I for one am pulling the plug on this crap. Games are suppose to be fun & challenging, but when you spend a full month on one damn level ans still can't get past it that is just enough.

So to those people that are looking at this post, Take my advice and put a stop to the addiction of these games. Put a stop to blowing you money away on the crap.


  • ipeteipete Posts: 3,022 Level 5

    Noted! Is there a question somewhere there? 🤔 Yes, the game is addicting.

    Haha there is nothing to see here 🤣🤣🤣

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  • hechicerillahechicerilla Posts: 8,302 Ambassador

    Hello 👋

    Welcome to the sweet King Community.

    Please refrain from using rude vocabulary, it is unnecessary and the house rules do not accept it. All opinions are respectable, but the way you see the game is not what everyone sees. I personally do not share it. The game is addictive, yes, all games are, at least all the ones you like. I have been playing King games for many years and have not paid anything yet. King never forces you to pay. It is up to each player.

    I hope you can continue enjoying. Here you have a 👉 GUIDE with everything you need to know about the Community in case you decide to stay. Thanks

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  • FedUGrumpyOneFedUGrumpyOne Posts: 4 Newbie

    It no long matters. I uninstalled the game. it's a damn frustrating joke.

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