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Level 1075

gemazing Posts: 153 Level 3

Hey everyone,

Please can someone help me.

I've been stuck on level 1075 since Thursday night/Friday morning and don't have a clue what I'm doing wrong.

I can't afford to buy anymore booster's either.

Please can someone advise me what I should do.

Thank you in advance x

Best Answer

  • Origins7_Dale
    Origins7_Dale Posts: 3,551 Pro Player 👑
    Answer ✓

    Hi @gemazing,

    Here is a *YouTube Video to help you out.

    • Candy Crush Saga level 1075(NO BOOSTERS,25 MOVES)2019

    The sooner you break the *Cherry Free, the sooner you can get it on the *Conveyor Belt to its freedom or escape at the top, where the *Green / White Arrow is.

    Or if you have the *Boosters, can use a *Popsicle Hammer, to break it free, then use *3 Hand Switches to move it over to the *Escape Spot - Green / White Arrow Area, then use another *Popsicle Hammer, to drop it. This is the expensive way tho.

    Best to study the game, layout of board, know your *Candy Combos, *Blockers, etc... in the game.

    • Player References!

    • King Community - Search Bar *Above, & also 3 icons to the left of your avatar!
    • YouTube Videos!
    • Google - Blogs, Posts, Archives, Videos, etc...!

    Keep in mind *3rd Party Info might be outdated, due to *King Studio Adjusting / Tweaking the levels. However, they are still helpful on locating things, as a general rule!

    Trust this helps.

    Thx For Posting & Welcome To The King Community - Origins7 Dale, 😀



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