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Candy Crush Soda Saga Summer Fun Community Contest - FINISHED!



  • Cats4Caz
    Cats4Caz Posts: 970 Level 5

    My answers are

    1 - Kimmy's bow tie is a different colour

    2 - Tip of 3rd cloud missing

    3 - Brown candy is missing in middle cloud

    4 - splash of yellow missing on red candy

    5 - Chocolate drop is missing 

    6 - Dot missing in water by boat

    7 - Bubble missing on yellow candy ( bottom right)

    8 - Pink candy in cloud missing

    9 - Red bottle candy is missing

    10 - 🤔

  • MollyS
    MollyS Posts: 6,529 Pro Player 👑

    Hard one... Here is what I was able to find.

    1 – Color of bow on Kimmy’s dress

    2 – chocolate drip missing from mountain

    3 – chocolate dot missing from cloud

    4 - missing piece of top right cloud

    5 – Yellow splash missing near top red candy

    6 – Purple bubble missing near bottom yellow candy

    7 – red bottle candy missing on bottom right

    8 – Bubble in the water is missing

  • Yosca
    Yosca Posts: 12,597 Soda Moderator

    Here are my answers in spoiler

    1.Kimmy’s bow tie has a different color

    2.middle cloud above Kimmy is missing a brown dot

    3.left cloud is missing a pink dot candy at the top is missing a yellow splash

    5.bottom right is a red bottle missing right is missing a piece of cloud

    7.piece of the chocolate string on the left is missing bubble on the yellow candy at the bottom is missing

    9.bottom left next to Kimmy's boat is missing a bubble

  • greddycandy
    greddycandy Posts: 12,063 Level 5

    1. Chocolate sprinkle missing on cloud

    2. Purple sprinkle missing on cloud

    3. Bowtie is a different colour

    4. Purple soda bubble missing on yellow sugar drop

    5. Yellow soda splash missing

    6. Red soda bottle missing

    7. Chocolate drop is missing

    8. Cloud is smaller

    9. Kimmy's picture is smaller

    10. Dot beside boat is missing.

  • fabke
    fabke Posts: 3,970 Pro Player 👑


    2nd Soda

    1. Kimmy’s bow tie wrong, is now red

    2. Pink dot missing on the left cloud

    3. Brown dot missing on the middle cloud

    4. Third cloud misses a little piece

    5. Chocolate sauce missing left behind mountain

    5. Dot missing in the water beside the boat left

    6. Bubble on yellow candy missing

    7. 1 splash of yellow missing on the red candy right above

    8. Red bottle missing right down

    9. Very small piece of green candy in front of boat (picture 1 candy bigger)

  • Nikolaos_Prodromidis
    Nikolaos_Prodromidis Posts: 5,374 Jelly Moderator


    1-bow on Kimmy's dress is red

    2-cloud behind Kimmy is missing candy

    3-pink bubble on yellow candy missing

    4-chocolate syrup drip missing

    5-yellow splash on red candy missing

    6-lower red bottle missing

    7-shape of cloud to right is different

    8-bubble at back bottom of boat is missing

    9-candy missing in left cloud

    10- Kimmy's head seems more narrow

  • SabrinaM
    SabrinaM Posts: 1,884 Level 5

    1) a pink dot ar the bottom left next rhe boat is missing

    2) On the left under the cloud the syrup of chocolate is missing

    3) Tiffi' s bow is red

    4) On right below red bottle is missing

    5)On the bottom right in the yellow candy the soda spot is missing

    6) In the cloud up the Kimmy's head the brown dot is missing

    7)On the top right is missing the soda bubble in the red bottle

    8) On the left up is missing a yellow splash on the red candy

  • Pitty_Kitty
    Pitty_Kitty Posts: 11,112 Soda Moderator

    My answers

    missing/changed items in pic 2

    1 pink dot on cloud/foam at the top left

    2 drop of chocolate

    3 pink dot on the soda sea neat the left edge of the boat

    4 Kimmjy ribbon/bow tie is red

    5 red dot in the middle cloud

    6 piece of cloud on the right

    7 drop of yellow coloring candy liquid on red candy

    8 bubble on the yellow candy on the right

    9 red candy at the bottom right

    10 probably green candy on the bottom is different

    (I had hoped the pictures would be different from Saga's, like, not 2 pics together as one image because the quality gets worse when you zoom in. but at least these are not out of focus 😅)

  • pearl_chetna
    pearl_chetna Posts: 2,426 Level 4

    Difference 👇👇

    Kimmy's bow colour.

    Missing purple bubble on bottom right yellow candy.

    Missing yellow drop on red candy.

    Part of cloud missing.

    Missing brown dot on cloud.

    Missing chocolate drop behind Kimmy.

    Missing red bottle in bottom right.

    Pink dot missing in top left corner cloud.

    Pink bubble missing in bottom left corner.

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