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  • La Ley
    La Ley Posts: 2,691 Level 5

    Congratulations @Glenn1972 🎉🎉🎉

  • fabke
    fabke Posts: 3,970 Pro Player 👑

    Congratulations @Glenn1972 Sparkler of the month November

    You deserve it, it was a interesting interview. Keep your positivity to play, help people and have fun with your Soda friends.

  • teresawallace44
    teresawallace44 Posts: 4,439 Level 5

    Congratulations again @Glenn1972 🎉🎉🎉

    I love reading your interview. Keep up the great work here in the community. 💕👍🤗

    Teresa 🦋🌺🦋

  • Diamond_Lim
    Diamond_Lim Posts: 130,539 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    Nice your interviews and Congratulations! @Glenn1972 🎉😄

    Also tagging @Warriorcatslover 😊

    And thank you for your tagging all of Soda Players! Well done! @Nix66 👍😄

  • LadyRaffie
    LadyRaffie Posts: 3,972 Community Manager

    Hello everyone!

    🎤 Let's read what our Sparkler of the Month for November @KCullen127   has answered to our interview!

    - Thank you on this incredible recognition.

    I am truly honored to be elected Sparkler of the Month. I read the discussion blog on names being suggested for this recognition and I agree with those suggestions because they are more deserving than me due to their positive attitude, leadership, seniority and passion. I am afraid my recognition will cause a stir of emotions among some passionate members of the community.

    • What level are you on? 

    I am on level 925 and I have been there since the end of Autumn Games Marathon. I started the competition at level 316 and finished at level 925. I spent two weekends on the game and I completed 610 levels. I have no idea how I did it but I did it as a challenge to myself and to help our team win the competition. The following week, everything around the house was looking like wrapped candies, bombs, free switch and fishes.

    • How long do you play Soda in general? 

    I was playing SW3 leisurely before Soda. When I joined the community in August of this year, I was fascinated by the challenges being held for the various games. Soda was the first challenge I competed. I only had 60 something levels when I got my first win in September of this year. To date, I have won three challenges but luck has not been on my side lately.

    I have not played any new levels on Soda since the team competition. I played old levels for the weekend challenges. I am amazed by the levels achieved by some of the community members. I am not sure when I will reach level 8000 - probably not in this life time for sure.

    • What do you like the most about the Soda Community? 

    I love our Soda community because we are like a family. We make fun at each other and we accept our lost with grace and win with a smile. We encourage each other to do better and congratulate each other when we see a good performance. Initially winning was my target but now trying to win is more exciting than winning the competition.

    • What piece of advice would you give to a player that has joined the Community recently?

    My advice: Speech is a powerful tool so it is so important that we respect each other's point of view on the discussion blog. Words can be daggers and they can cheerleaders. Love yourself, love others, and love your planet. Most important relax and have fun while you are here.

    Congratulations on your nomination @KCullen127 ! It's a well-deserved nomination! 🥰

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