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🏰 The Elysium of Sparklers 💫

LadyRaffie Posts: 3,989 Community Manager
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Welcome to our Elysium of Sparklers!

THIS is the place to celebrate all these fun, witty, kind, and helpful players who embody the spirit of the Soda Community.

🌟Every month we'll choose a player who will get the title of Sparkler of the Month for being nice, polite, patient, friendly, and willing to help others! add on that, the Sparkler of the Month will receive an exclusive badge and 100 Gold Bars in their Candy Crush Soda game! 🥳

🌟All Community members can nominate (find all nominees here) any other player to enter the Elysium of Sparklers, and the Soda Game Mod and Community Manager will choose among them who has the honor to join the Elysium.

Find below the list of our Sparklers and their interviews👇

🌟July 2021


🌟August 2021


🌟September 2021


🌟October 2021


🌟November 2021


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