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🎯 Season August- Soda Games!



  • Havish
    Havish Posts: 3,676 Level 5

    I can't get it. I just finished 1522, 1523, 1524 and got to the end of episode 94. I didn't get Soda games

  • Yosca
    Yosca Posts: 13,284 Soda Moderator

    Hello @Havish It doesn’t matter what level you are on. Occasionally it could happen you don’t have the event. This is on page 1:

    🌟 The event is active but you don't see it?

    It's occasionally possible that you'll know someone who might have the event visible in their game when it's not available to you. Don't worry! It's not faulty - it's just that with so many players, we sometimes have to spread the fun out a bit.

    To keep our events balanced, manageable and visible to as many people as possible so everyone gets to try new things - The chances are you'll have another event when your friend doesn't, so rest assured we'll always try to make sure you don't miss out in the fun! Keep an eye on your notifications, pop-ups, and map buttons to know when you're good to go!

    Make sure you have the latest game updates and hopefully you’ll see other events coming to you 😊

  • Yosca
    Yosca Posts: 13,284 Soda Moderator

    I’ve finished the event, so here is my feedback:

    👉 What do you think of the event? I liked it 😊. The graphics are nice. It looks cheerful and summery. It’s summertime 😎

    👉 What do you think of the new Yeti? He looks like a happy tough hunk.

    👉 What do you think of the quests? Is there any you like the most? The quests were quite easy to do. I liked that there were different quests, and not always the same. It was challenging to complete certain bonus quests, but also to win the level. I haven’t skipped a single quest.

    👉 What do you think about the rewards? Very nice that energy and gold bars can be won as prizes. I’m not a big fan of the times prizes, and especially not the wrapped and striped candy. Wrapped and striped candy are fairly easy to make yourself.

    👉 Is there something you love especially about it? Or something you don't like at all? As I mentioned before, I love the gold! I think it's a disadvantage that once you've completed a quest, you can't click directly on "collect" to collect your prize. If you forget, your quests will not continue, only when you have collected you will be given a new task. I prefer BGH as an in game over Bear Brawl. I don't think it's really possible to finish 1st in the Champions arena. I see that in my Arena number 1 the Score Arrow has leveled up to 10, I don't think you can beat that. I think it's a disadvantage in Bear Brawl that your victory depends too much on something extra (in this case the leveled up score arrow) and not your own way of playing, like in BGH.

  • Andres-2
    Andres-2 Posts: 4,137 Level 5

    I complete the event, my feedback.

    I finished the event, so here are my comments:

    What do you think of the event? I liked . Graphics are nice. mainly to the bird that is dressed for the occasion.

    What do you think of the new Yeti? I like the look of him, he has to appear more in the game.

    What do you think of the missions? Is there one that you like more? The missions were pretty easy to do.

    Easy and varied missions. None I have skipped.

     What do you think of the rewards? I mainly loved the gold bars, they should change it is the striped caramels and wrapped by other rewards they are easy to create in the levels.

     Is there something you especially like about him? Or something you don't like at all? Gold what I like. I prefer BGH as a game over Bear Brawl. impossible to finish in the first places in the Champions League arena. The same in recovering the energy it takes time if you already collected from the missions, you have to wait a long time.

  • shannontulloh
    shannontulloh Posts: 42 Pro Player 👑
  • halolouise
    halolouise Posts: 9 Level 2
  • halolouise
    halolouise Posts: 9 Level 2

    I get stuck on levels n thats it

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