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New Contest! 🎏 Let’s Go Fishing! 🎣 (FINISHED)

Nix66 Posts: 19,879 Sweet Legend
edited September 2021 in Contests
Grab your fishing poles 🎣 Sodalicious friends and let’s go after big game fish!

Let’s catch and release all the little fish so that they have the chance to one day become big fish. 😉 This contest is only about collecting and keeping the big game fish! 🙌

How to Participate 🎏

Simply play your current level or replay any level of your choice and take a screenshot when you have released a big fish (no little fish, please) from behind the blockers!

It doesn’t even matter if you go on to win the level or not. This is all about catching those big game fish!


Here is an example of the big game fish we’re after for this contest👇

Keep in mind only big game fish will count! 🎏

Rules 🧐

Each level may be entered only once and only current screenshots are valid.

The entire game board must be in the screenshot including the level number and nothing may be covered up.

You may add your username, initials, or some small design as long as it does not cover up anything.

Any manipulated or edited screenshots will result in disqualification.

Terms and Conditions here

Prizes 🤩

The top 3 fisherwomen or fishermen will be rewarded 30 Gold Bars each! Only to Soda!

Deadline ⏰

Contest will be open until Sept 13th 9am CDT

No account? No problem! Sign up HERE



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