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Kimmy Fishing game

dylan19 Posts: 23 Level 2

The game is over. I didn’t win yet it keeps coming in and saying click here for your prize. When I do it comes up with connection error. “We’ll send your rewards once there is a stable network connection This is so annoying. How do I get rid of it

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  • Yosca
    Yosca Posts: 12,572 Soda Moderator

    Hello and welcome to the Community @dylan19 I recommend to log out of your game, clear the cache, restart your device, check for updates and log back in. You might try another browser to see if that helps. Also make sure you have at least 2GB free memory storage.

  • Kajsa_Varg
    Kajsa_Varg Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited September 2021 Answer ✓

    I have the same problem. Just tried to log out but the problem was still there, when testarted and logged in with Facebook

    And had a lot of prizes waiting, as I won the fishing game

  • dylan19
    dylan19 Posts: 23 Level 2

    How do you log out of the game? How do I know if I’m connected with Kingdom so I won’t lose my levels!

    what does clear the cache mean?

  • Yosca
    Yosca Posts: 12,572 Soda Moderator

    Hi again @dylan19 How do you play the game? Via Facebook or do you play with a King account, by using your email address and password? If you play with an account your progress is saved, and you can play the game on different devices. To log out of a King account, go to your game app, select profile, scroll down, select log out. Note! Using a King account you log in with your email address and password! If you use a Facebook account, just reconnect your game again. For Facebook account disconnect your game from Facebook using the option in the game's setting menu. Then close the game, turn off your device for 10 seconds and restart the device. Reopen the game and sign in to Facebook

    Cache is data that is temporarily stored in memory when you use apps on your mobile phone or browser history on a desktop. Clearing that cache is a great way to temporarily free up space on your device.

  • dylan19
    dylan19 Posts: 23 Level 2

    But when I go to log out it says “if you log out, you’ll start again at level 1. I don’t want that.

    this may sound like a stupid question but how do I know if I’m playing from Facebook or with a King account

  • Yosca
    Yosca Posts: 12,572 Soda Moderator

    On what device are you playing? A phone, desktop, tablet? Do you have an app or do you open your Facebook to play?

    You say “when I go to log out”, you see your profile? If you have saved your game with an account (King or Facebook) you have saved your progress and will find it back. If you didn’t then you start over. I can’t see if you have saved your account, this is something private.

  • dylan19
    dylan19 Posts: 23 Level 2

    I am playing on my iPhone, but I also play on my iPad. I do log in to my King account with my email and password. So you’re saying even if I log out and log back in my game will still be at the same level? I hope this gets rid of the constant reminder that “we’ll send your rewards once there is a stable network connection”. I have plenty of memory on my phone.

  • Yosca
    Yosca Posts: 12,572 Soda Moderator
    edited September 2021

    Yes you have saved your progress as you can log on to different devices and are on the same level. Check for game updates in the App Store and check your device updates. Make sure you know your password for your King account, because when you want to log in again, select that you already have an account and you have to enter your password. Clear cache iOS devices:

    1. Open Settings
    2. Swipe down and tap Safari
    3. Swipe down again and tap Clear History and Website Data, tap it once again to confirm

    And you can try this:

    Force closing your apps 

    • Double click the Home button to see your open apps
    • Swipe up on all apps which can interfere with the performance of the game

    Restarting your device

    • Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the “Power Off” slider appears.
    • Drag the slider to turn your device completely off.
    • After the device turns off, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button again until you see the Apple logo.

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