Problem with bake a cake

clarehlastclarehlast Posts: 1 Newbie

Hi all

When I lose my chefs had during bake a cake it will say please complete XX amount of levels to get it back and then a chefs hat appears over that level. The last 2 rounds of bake a cake that has glitched out and no matter how many levels I complete I can never get my hat back.any suggestions?


  • simplyPsimplyP Posts: 5,889 Level 5

    Yes, I do @clarehlast you must pay the ransom money or wash dishes. Those are 2 options. That passing levels thing doesn't work on 2nd cake.

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  • daysgobydaysgoby Posts: 23 Level 2

    I passed the level 5196 with the chef hat as well and did not get the hat afterwards. Very frustrating. Please fix this issues or give us the 3 bars to open the bakery please. thanks, addicted to Candy Crush Soda.

  • ncogg520ncogg520 Posts: 4 Newbie

    I have the same problem I completed the two levels I needed to get it back but now it says I need to pass negative one level to get my chef's hat back. I thought about using gold but why? I shouldn't have to do that hopefully it will be included in the next bug fix.

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