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(FINISHED) Soda Autumn Games 🍂🏵 Archery 🏹 Competition 🏹

Nix66 Posts: 19,879 Sweet Legend
edited October 2021 in Contests
We know everyone has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Soda Autumn Games and here it finally is! 🤸🏿‍♀️🤸🤸🏽‍♂️

As always the Soda Games include those values we hold near and dear 💪😊💪 which include integrity, respect, politeness, fairness and naturally a competitive spirit along with good sportsmanship. 🙌

To kick it all off 🏁 in this first 2 week long traditional 🏹 Archery 🏹 competition you will compete on an Individual basis.

How to Participate 🏵

Score as close as possible to the target score of 🎯 115 580 🎯 by playing the level of your choice.

Rules 🏵

No editing or manipulating of screenshots will be allowed with the exception of adding your name or initials to the screenshot as long as it does not cover anything up. 

The level must have been played or replayed during the contest dates (no older screenshots will be considered valid) and the screenshot must display the word ‘Next’.

Each player may post a maximum of one screenshot a day so be selective and make it count! 😉

Any violation of the rules may result in immediate disqualification from the competition.

Terms and Conditions here

Prizes 🏵

Everyone that joins in the Soda Autumn Games 🏹 Archery 🏹 competition by posting a valid screenshot will receive a participation badge

The Top 3 players closest to the score will receive Gold Bars. 🤩

1st top individual player gets 100 Gold Bars!!! 

2nd top individual player gets 50 Gold Bars!!

3rd top individual player gets 25 Gold Bars!

In the event of multiple bullseyes (or of tying top winning scores) the first three to have attained the winning score will be considered the Gold Bar winners. All those who hit a bullseye (or tie for the top winning score) will receive the Gold Medal badge.🥇

We will award a Silver Medal🥈badge for the next closest score followed by a Bronze Medal🥉badge for the following next closest score.

🏹 Archery Competition 🏹 Duration 

Will remain open until 5 Oct 5pm CEST

Want to take part in the Soda Autumn Games but don’t have a Community account yet? Sign up HERE and see you at the Games! 🍂🏵



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