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Welcome to the fun Off-topic Area!

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Hello Sodalicious Friends!

Do you love Candy Crush Soda and want to have some fun while meeting other players? Do you fancy chatting about the game or any other topics with people sharing the same passion? Then this place is for YOU! Welcome to our Candy Crush Soda Saga Off-topic Area! 🌟

What can you do?

  • You can browse the Area and join any thread you like! Here are some fun ones to start with:

🎶 Let's make some noise!

🙂 Tagging Game!

💦 Sodalicious Counting Game

🥤 Straw Sipping Soda Silliness

  • You can start any discussions you want here - The only condition is to respect our House Rules and remain polite and respectful.

How to create your own conversation?

To create your own conversation simply click on New Discussion at the top - See the screenshots below!

What can I chat about?

You can chat about anything you want, it does not even have to be about Candy Crush Soda!

Oh and one more rule: Have FUN 🤗

See you around then!


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